"Enough About Eve"

21 oct. 2010

This photos are from october 4th, the day of Eneany´s Birthday, and were taken by my ex boyfriend, I have to be honest, I was complety nervus, yes! you don´t have any idea how happy makes me that, he actually supports me, and that´s very important for me. I know that he don´t like this kind of stuff but he do it for me, that´s something awesome.

Well, I love gray scale on my clothes, is like punk, rock, elegant, kind of preppy, and also they can´t go dirty easyly (yeah, that´s important for me) and they also go with everything and anywhere.

And, as you can see I have this pretty Audrey Hepburn´s face purse, my mommy give it to me, and I love it! It´s so pretty, because is not the always known face of "Breackfas at tiffanys", and is gray scale. Some people will not appreciate its beauty, I know you will.

I had been feeling pretty happy this days, I love the weather: cold. Coffee and tea are my night friends, and because my laptop is broken, I think that I will rent some DVDs all days, today I rent one at my school, and I think that it will become, my favorite, but I don´t see it yet, I will tell you about it.

I also, wanna tell you guys that all of you can go and see my other blog, were I post stuffs that I make in school. Luisa Alvarez como IDGD

I´m planing on open a Flikr, what do you think?
Have a nice day.

LV oxox♥