Green & lost | Outfit

27 jul. 2012

Some old pictures from a old event in Tijuana. I wore this for a fashion show were I was suppose to take a video and make a spot, but I realize that other people was doing the same and at the end one of the organizer was the one who made it. That day was the first time that my ex boy friend joined me to a fashion show, we ate pizza while the models were dancing in the runway, it was a blast! I didn't loved this show, the designers were amazing and the models too, I don't complain about that at all, but the organization was really wierd, maybe I haven't been in a lot of runways but definetly this one wasn't my favorite.
Trying to use some white pieces I wore an old shorts from Forever 21 and a green chiffon blouse, my lovely pair of peach high heels and the amazing necklace from OASAP.COM.


Playlist | 220712

22 jul. 2012

My top three songs this month! Thanks to Gossip Girl and now Glee I'm getting obsessed with musicals, and I have to say 'brodway' is one of my dead dreams but what can I do if I can't sing.


Blue | Outfit

20 jul. 2012

This is one of my favorite outfits of this year, it was very confortable and easy to wear. At first I was a little afraid because of the palette of colors but with the accesories it went very well. Once again I am in love of this shoes, the color, the fabric, the heel, they are just perfect! I've been working in a new project with my friends and I am very excited, we are making a magazine about local fashion, art and music, hopefully and with a lot of effort it will result very well!

I am thinking about getting a new hair color, but I can't decide which color, black? Light brown? Dark red? What do you suggest?


Trend 2012 | White

18 jul. 2012

This is another summer trend that I love but I will never use. We always want to feel fresh and clean in summer time, and what a better way to do that than wearing white clothes. A lot of runways were full of this color, making this summer look even brighter. And I think that white can be a good color for everybody in the right amounts. The reason why I don't use this clothes is because I am not very careful with them so I am always afraid of getting them duty, I know someday I will be able to use an outfit like in the Akris runway. Now I made a promisse to myself and I will bought a white piece and 'learn' to use it, wish me luck!


Pink and Gold | Outfit

16 jul. 2012

Few days ago my little sister graduate from elementary school, isn't she pretty? Her dress was purple because the school ask all the girls to go with the same color, but the dress was very different, no one had a similar dress. I wore the same dress I used in my birthday because my sister love it and she says is a good color for me. This time I use gold accessories, gold belt, gold statement necklace and nude&gold heels (not in the pictures) I have to admit it, I'm obsessed with gold accessories!


Pto. Peñasco, Summer Vacations | Diary

Yay! I am back. Last week I went to Puerto Peñasco, Sonora with my dad! It was a pretty relaxing week all day in the pool or the beach, waking up late, watching TV with my little sister (we're obsessed with Friends) and eating a lot of delicious food, luckily my dad is not a sea food lover so most of the time we eat meat, salads and more salads. My ex boyfriend borrowed me his iPad and I took a lot of pictures with instagram because it was easier than the big DSLR camera, so I made a little photo journal of my trip to the beach! I tried to wear only dresses that week but I couldn't is not "my thing".

Now I have a lot to do, photos to edit and take, write and I have to go back to work! Ugg I really need like 3 months of vacations!


Packing | Diary

7 jul. 2012

Yay! I'm going on vacations with my family! We're going to Puerto Peñasco for one week! Can't wait to be all day lying in the beach! I'm not going to have my laptop there only the iPad, so the blog will be a little abandoned but we can ge in touch thru Green's life diary Facebook Pagetwitter or instagram (@luisaverdee). I will be posting pictures and everything, now tell me what are you doing for the summer? I hope you are having fun whatever you're doing.
Talking about what we are doing I found this amazing page: Day Zero where you can make a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days! Here's mine if you make one share it, maybe I can copy one of yours!


The Office | Diary

6 jul. 2012

Here, some pictures of my desk at the office. In the first picture there's a little poster with Yoda that says "May te force of typography be with you" one of my boss gave it to me, next, the iconic "Keep Calm ..." and a little red star that was the icon from one of my friends queen campaing. In the corners of the monitor I have a happy face and the "Be happy" legend and a red heart with "smile" written on it. But my favorite is the one next to the window that says "Work for a couse, not for applause. Live life to express not to impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make you absence felt." And as always since I'm working here, there's a happy face in the window saying "hi" everyday!


Nude Dress | Outfit

3 jul. 2012

Well, I am getting really obsessed with nude, white and gold. This was the outfit I used in the graduation of my ex boyfriend's brother. Asymmetric nude dress, gold belt and the most amazing pair of shoes I own. This day I use them for the very first time and I cannot be happier with them! They are amazing, I love the color, the heel and the fabric, everything! Also I painted my nails blue mint and used a vintage oversized pearl necklace to give a little bit of color to the look. For the hair I made a beautiful 'sock bun' which I have to say I fell in love and now I use it almost daily, soon I will make a quick DIY tho show you how you can make it!

The beautiful baby you can see in the picture is my boyfriend's little sister, isn't she lovely?! She is really cute, and I am really happy because she trust me and she likes to be with me (sometimes more that with her brother!) She makes my days super sweet!


Galaxy Nails | DIY

I've always been obsessed with stars, galaxys, astrology etc, so what better way to fulfil my galaxy desire than galaxy nails! I'm not sure where the galaxy nails trend started, but after seeing it all over Tumblr, I couldn't help trying.

En Español

To make the galaxy nails, this is what you need: A cosmetic sponge (Not in the picture), Black nail polish for the base, Blue nail polish for the base of the nebula, Pink for the next layer of the nebulae, Few bright polishes to create the rest of the nebulae and Glitter polish.

Paint your nails with the black polish.

Put some nail polish on the sponge into and then dab it onto your nails and allow to dry, then follow with other colours of your choice, just dab it until you like the combinations.

Now grab the glitter polish to create sparkling stars and apply a coat or two over your nebula and then grab a cotton bud soaked in nail varnish remover and clean up the edges. Don't forget the top coat and you’re ready!

The universe at your fingertips. I absolutely love the look of these, super easy to do and very fun! You can also add a touch of yellow or white to the galaxy, whatever you want! Tell me, did you like them? If you try this nail art let me know! Send me a picture and tell me how it went, honestly I tried like 6 times before taking the pictures, it was just a mess! Thanks to my Best friend and her sister, they are the hands-models in the pictures!


Wonderstruck | Photography

1 jul. 2012

This was my first seminude photo shoot, I was really nervous because it's was also the first time I tried to make the photos studio alike. Honestly I taught it was going to be super awkward and difficult but it result to be easy, of course the model was nervous and I don't kno why she was insecure of we body, but everything came out great. Here or here you can see the whole photo shoot. I hope you like them, I am really excited, because I am trying new things, so tell me, do you have any advice for me? What do you think about the photos?