The Outfit of the Academic Event.

30 jun. 2010

I fell in love for those rings.

Here's the last post about my academic event, my outfit. After the event we went to eat at Applebee's with just friends. It was the perfect time to take off the robe and show our great clothes.
So I took Mayra's camara. And I asked Eneani and Sofia if they could take me pictures for my blog, which it was very difficult because of the poor light, but they took some very good frames. So, here I leave some to you, I hope you like them.

Traduccion: Aquí esta el ultimo post acerca de mi acto académico, después del evento nos fuimos a cenar a Applebee's, solo los amigos, claro. Y allí fue el momento perfecto para lucir nuestras vestidos. Como no tengo cámara, tome la de Mayra y le dije a Eneani y a Sofia que me tomaran fotos para el blog, y aquí están. Aunque fue difícil por la luz, algunas salieron bien. Espero que les gusten. Comenten.

LV oxox♥


Academic event (2)

3rd place.

Sofía, my BFF.

Eneani, my BFF too.

A little preview of my outfit, I´ll post more pictures, as soon Mayra send them to me. Is crazy don´t have my own camara. I´m lost. 
I don´t like my face in this picture, but I think is cute, because of the balloons.

Traducción: Aquí les puse las fotos que faltaron ayer, y un adelanto de mi ropa del día, subiré mas fotos en cuanto Mayra me las pase, Me estoy volviendo loca sin mi propia cámara. No me gusta esa foto, pero los globos la hacen ver bien.

LV oxox♥


Academic event (1)

Me, in a soireé with Sofia.

Hey, here a quick post about my Academic event, OMG, I am out of high school, I am very happy about it, Oh, and guess what? I won third place on school average, cool right?, See you. I´ll show you the photos tomorrow. 

Traducción: Aquí paso super rápido, solo para darles un adelanto de mi Acto academico.
YA SOY GRADUADA! :D muy feliz la verdad, salir de la prepa, es un logro mas a mi lista.
Ahora a la universidad, que miedo. Oh, saque tercer lugar de aprovechamiento, bien, no?
Sale nos vemos. Mañana subiré las fotos.

Cowboy Chic.

27 jun. 2010

I just find this trend lovely. I like it a lot. The first time that I "connected" with the cowboy look was in Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" video. And I fell in love in that moment.

I started searching more about it, and now it's a huge success. Here are some pictures, so you can be inspired, create some looks and adopt it to your style. Yesterday I made use of my new boots, but I dont have the pictures, as soon I have them, I'll post them.

By Dsquared

By Ralph Lauren

By D&G

By Hermes

By Derek Lam

This trend is about use Cowboy shirts, ruffles, the American flag, "Tec Mex" Music, cowboy boots, denim, green, brown, and chill actitud. Do you like it?

LV oxox♥

Everybody needs inspiration.

26 jun. 2010

Hi, well here I leave you a quick post with the most recent pictures that Inspires me, I feel something in my stomach every time I look them. Is like I want my life in that way. I will try to do a real post later today.

I have to go, because Im going to see how is all going with my prom dress, I can wait to show it to you guys.

I hope you like them. Let me know :D

LV oxox♥

Lovely Trench Coat.

24 jun. 2010

Mi favorite trench Coat.

Every girl in this decade has to have a Trench Coat (or more :P) Before It was considered just for rainy days, but now, it is a esential part on every closet. 

It is a "must have" on this days, because you can wear it for whatever occasion and it looks adorable.

Maybe with a skinni jeans, or with a cute leggins, If it is long enough as a dress, or with a skirt, you never go wrong. Stylish, classic, edgy, etc. Always good. And other thing that I love about it, is the way you can adjust it to your body, with the belt, or just made a easy and trendy knot.

As you can see, there are styles for every taste.

Something Edgy.

Something more fun.

Something Classic.

Elegant. And more.

Here's the latest trends. By the way, Burberry is taking the whole market and the fame of the coats, as their latest designs are the best, it is not only applaud, of course buy it :P.
Also I leave something of Max Mara and Max Azria (one of my favorites), One of Mango with Scarlett Johansson. And some of Jean Paul Gaultier, with the new proposals for the next season.



Max Mara.

Max Azria.

Jean Paul Gaultier, the new proposals.


Trench for man.

So, wich one is your favorite? Beautiful right? I love it, because when you cant find something to wear you can always be saved by your lovely trench coat.

LV oxox♥

Last day of the beginning.

21 jun. 2010

Well, this day was sad. My last day in High School after 8 years in the same school, It was a breakfast with all the lovely people. And I take a lot of pictures because my mom let me use her camara. So, I have to wear the best outfit that I can found and take a bunch of pictures and use it until I can get more. Of course I can take pictures, but with the laptop, or somebody´s Cellphone, and it´s not the same.

Here I am whit my new look (without bangs) Like my mom likes :D I really loves my outfit for this day, Enenai take a lot of pictures, here they are for you.

Thanks to all the people who enjoy me in this adventure. Love you guys.

Outfit consisting of:
Boots and long socks
Tank top
bold studs belt

Key elements:
Rayban glasses (provided by Eneani)

LV oxox♥