Thanksgiving 2013 | Diary

29 nov. 2013

Another year has gone by, another thanks to give.

First of all, I'm really thankful for everything my eyes were able to see this year, from my mom and sister's smile, my best friends pixelated faces, my roommies' drunk faces, to the amazing landscapes of the world.

I'm thankful for learning how to forgive myself, for finally understanding the meaning of being free and for getting rid of my own demons.

I'm thankful for the stories I will tell for the rest of my life, that are so unbelievable most people will think I'm exaggerating.

I'm thankful for being able to feel real adrenaline rushes, for starting a new chapter in an unknown place, with no friends, no comfort zone; that's really pure adrenaline.

I'm thankful with God for showing me how strong I am and that life is as hard as you can manage. Because even when this year I was in my lowest point, now it is amazing to see everything from the top!

I'm thankful for learning to live for myself, to be happy by myself and to be loved by myself.

I'm thankful because even with the longest distance, every time I hear my mother's voice I feel like home.

But the thing I am most thankful for is that no matter how bad life can feel from a point, now I am sure it always get better.

Flowers and stripes | Outfit

4 oct. 2013

Last time wearing this sweater! Spring is here and the weather is starting to warm up, I never thought I was going to be this happy in the coming of a spring-summer season, let's see how long the happiness lasts.

I wanted to create an "Almost summer" outfit, but keeping myself warm because as at any other part of the world, the weather is crazy and some days it's really hot and another days we are freezing. This day was one of those, where if you are in the shadow or inside a room you feel cold, but outside is really nice and warm.
So, this time I paired my striped thick sweater with my very well known flower skirt and my combat boots to keep it away from being too girly, because that's not my style at all. As you can see I'm not wearing heels in my latest outfits and as I mentioned before, is because I'm always walking through the city.
Being at the other side of the world is driving me crazy, I can't stop looking at the fall trends and falling in love with a thousand of looks while here we are starting to melt! Wish me luck trying to figure this out, and if you know some south-american blogger please send me the link to gain some inspiration! Have an amazing week!


Spring-Summer wish list | Chile Fashion

3 oct. 2013

Trying to adapt myself on having two summers in one year, I decided to make a wish list! And well, who doesn't love making wish lists? Lucky for you, I don't have a lot of space to show everything I want, so I made this little list with the things I think are going to be my essentials.

Please remember (or if you are new here) I'm living at Chile. So here we are, changing season to from Fall-Winter to Spring-Summer, that's why I'm wearing skirts and I want more.
First of all I made a promise to myself and I'm going to start wearing colorful clothes, I realized I'm always wearing the same color palette, and even though I like it, I do want to try something new. New city, new wardrobe.
Also I want to be a little bit bolder with my jeans and also I need to incorporate more in my closet because now I own a bike and I'll be moving to go to work on it.
And well, I'm going to get here the basics I never had in my cit: shorts, military green jacket, new to-go boots and my new obsession, graphic tees. There are also some trends I would like to try like: Crop tops and skater skirts. What do you think? I made my biggest effort, but I don think this list still looks a little bit fall-ish...
This season is going to be fun and a nice challenge!

Chilean Cuisine Course | Diary

1 oct. 2013

As a part of the activities we have (being exchange students), we had a cuisine course. I was amazed with all the details we got to know about Chile's culture trough they food. I have always loved to cook, it was amazing to learn new techniques and tips from another culture and at the same time mix it with my Course-mates, which are from France and Germany.

We learnt how to cook 5 traditional dishes: Empanadas de Pino, Charquican, Pebre, Salad and Mote con Huesillo. I really liked them all, but my favorite was Charquican because of the mix of flavors and the process of cooking. So, of course I took notes of everything and now, when I go back home, I will be able to make some of this for my friends and family.


300913 | Playlist

30 sept. 2013

There is something about the lyrics of this song that I love, and also I feel that the beat is pretty awesome.

Another 'chilean' song, I've always liked cumbias, but I don't know why in my city young people is not use to dance them, but here everybody loves them and even if the dance style is a little different I can't help it, I dance like crazy at the parties! And lastly a song from a new group I recently discover thanks to my bf! You have to take a look, they are amazing!


Oversized Plaids | Outfit

29 sept. 2013

Being plaids one of the biggest trends this season, I really wanted to have more than a T-shirt with that pattern, so I took my bf's coat in the instant I saw it in his closet. I'm extremely in love with oversize clothing and for me it's even better with coats, I fill like they add some chicness to the outfit in an instant.

Even if it's cool outside, when you are standing in the sun the weather starts to feel a little warm, so I'm finally using my skirts again! This time I used my favorite pencil skirt with leather panels on the sides and finally got to use this tank that I bought like 3 years ago I love it (My best friend loves it too) and I don't know why I've never uploaded a look using it.

Another thing I was keeping locked is this amazing statement necklace from, I got it the day before coming to Santiago and here, with the winter and the crazy cold I couldn't find a way to use it, until now!

Necklace from (Get it here)


Week Eight | Chile Diary

15/09/13 - 22/09/13
If I had to define this week in one word it would be patriotic. First of all I didn't have classes (at Chile), neither work and the whole country was paralyzed because of their Independence Celebrations.
But besides that, in México we also had our Independence Celebration "El grito", two days before Chile, so it was literally a week of party. (Mom, don't get mad at me)

So, it all started on sunday, México's day we (Elena, Pato, Klaus and I) went to a mexican party at one of my workmates hostel and stayed there less than an hour because it was too crazy and even though it was a mexican party it was full of foreigners and the amount of mexicans was too little, so we came back to out apartment and conected via skype with Elena's family and watched "El grito" trough the T.V. (Of course we screamed and sang the anthem).

Then the Chilean party started, is amazing how much energy (and not to mention money) they invest in this celebration, 'fondas' all over the city (and I bet all over the country), special offers in alcohol, fast food and typical food.
I went to a fonda with all the friends, we danced, we ate a lot, we drink and I tried the typical chilean drink 'terremoto' it tastes weird, but I'm sure I'm going to miss it. Also I went to another fonda, a more traditional one which I fell in love with "Fonda Ines de Suarez".
On the 18th, which is the most important day of the week I went to a house party with one of my friends, we had dinner, some drinks and I got to spend time with a family as it was mine, it made me feel like at home for a while.
And on saturday we had a party at my place, where we played beer pong, I made some 'palomas' (a mexican drink) and we also sang and danced some typical music from México, Chile and Germany, we made our own fonda to celebrate friendship.


La fonda | Chile Diary

24 sept. 2013

The week of the 18 of september in Chile is just surreal, in this date they celebrate the First Government Junta, that is when the country was starting to be independent from Spain.
Besides the crazy-non-stopping parties, the flag everywhere and a lot of dogs dressed with typical chilean outfits, they also have some carnivalesque places where you go and have a piece of Chile in 2km(2).

I got to visit 'Fonda Ines de Suarez' which according to my bf is one of the best fondas (and I got to say it was my favorite), very typical, with a lot of options, full of people, and in a kind of fancy neighborhood.
Every day I fall deeper and deeper in love with all of this, the culture and the food (yes, I'm starting to like their food). The music is amazing, of course theY listen to the '40 hits' but they have this crazy love for 'cumbias" and "cueca", is just so nice to see, from young to old people, everybody dancing in the same dance floor, music you might think is only for school dances. I was totally amazed.
In some ways it reminded me a little of mexican parties but I thinks is that essence every Latin-American party has: colors, music, flavors and a lot of happy people.


¡Viva México! | Diary

18 sept. 2013

Being away from my home town makes me realize how much I love my country. Of course I miss my family and my friends, but I also miss the gastronomy, the people and the whole view, don't miss understood me, I am happier than ever living in another country, meeting new people and learning about a different culture and even though I have been here only for a month and a half I already feel a little bit chilean. But I don't know if every person passes trough this process or if it's something only mexicans suffer, sometimes I really miss my culture, I really want to eat something that can only be made in México and most of the time I miss the warmness of the people.

México es un país lleno de colores, sabores, alegría y amor. México es un país problemático, donde aún que no sepamos el porqué de las cosas nos unimos a las causas nobles. No hablo de un país perfecto, ni mucho menos rico, ni con buena economía, hablo de un país donde el calor de la gente vale más que el dinero, donde siempre hay alguien que te tiende la mano y te da una sonrisa. Un país que tiene una historia interminable y una de las culturas más interesantes y variadas del mundo. Un país donde comer es un placer, donde las cosas se hacen con gusto y donde nunca se deja de soñar.


Week Seven | Chile Diary

17 sept. 2013

8/09/13 - 14/09/13

This week started really good: The weather was warm so we were able to eat at the school's garden. Also, all week we had such an amazing package of classes and topics, I've learned a lot (honestly, a lot) about photography and cinema. I am beyond happy with my classes and everything this exchange has given me.

Also this week my mexican friends and I made Chilaquiles with some tortillas my friend Pato gave me last weekend, it was one of the best mondays of my life, I can't believe how much you can miss a simple thing as food and even feel like you need it. And we decided to start with a good attitude this week so we played some beer-pong on monday night.

Kind of the best things that happened was my first photoshoot with a model from Suicide Girls, I'm really excited with the results, I'm working to have them ready next week. Also I released another budoir serie which you can see it complete HERE. This was a project I put a lot of effort on it, I wanted to create a story with strong images but playing with the attitude and sexiness of the new generations.

This is my first real 3D project, we had to make a turntable and I decided to make this very clear-sleek design with a vinyl from The Strokes (The main reason -honestly- why I did this design is because I'm not really familiar with MAYA and I have to learn really fast, because, in comparison with my classmates I'm really behind).

Tribal Denim | Outfit

16 sept. 2013

I'm pretty obsessed with this denim top, I find it super easy to match, it's really comfortable to wear and it keeps me warm enough so I don't need a blazer or a coat in this cold days. Under it I wore an old bustier and one of my new favorite skirt, I love the pattern it has, it reminds me a little bit to the Mapuche Patterns.

It's really weird for me to go through fashion blogs and read about fall trends while here we are changing into spring, I'm quite exited about spring-summer season because here is not as hot as in my home town, so I thinks is going to be easier and not to mention we have a big pool in our house, can't wait!


Flowers and Crochet | Outfit

13 sept. 2013

Spring is almost here, the sun is shinning a little bit more and the weather is not as cold as before, now I can use my skirts in the evenings and I only have to cover my arms with a light sweater and I am ready to go.

I really like the touch this crochet vest gives to my looks, I want to use it with everything. Once again I'm using my flower print skirt with its really comfortable and really easy to match. I really want to make a section in the blog about Chilean style, every day I go to the streets I fall in love with a lot of outfits, it's amazing how different it is from my city, here the people (not only the young) is not afraid of the trends or looking 'ridiculous', they are free as they want to.


Weeks Five and Six | Diary

8 sept. 2013

25/08/13 - 1/09/13 and 2/09/13 - 8/09/13
First of all I want to say I'm really sorry for not posting anything for the past weeks, but I was truly dying because of an infection in my throat. That's why I'm making this diary for both weeks.
Also I want to say that I GOT A JOB, two jobs, actually. I'm going to be working online with an App developer company and in Chile I'm going to be working with one of the biggest communities "Comunidad Po'" as a web developer/designer and in the photography and visuals department.

This weeks I made my first projects, one for my Special Effects class and the other one for the Photography workshop.

Also I did a trip with my class to Valparaíso and I went to two parties with the friends I made in the random 'trip' to Perú.
And as I was telling you, I didn't do a lot because I was sick, I actually missed a class because I couldn't get up (and my class was at two P.M. so, you can imagine). Beside that I went to my normal classes when I started to feel a little bit better and I went to a Chilean cuisine course.

I'm really excited with my classes, I've learn a lot and it is so much fun going into the class room, the classes are really dynamic and it's really interesting to use the equipment and being able to actually work on T.V. studios, having to write our own script, learning how to direct (which is kind of my favorite part) but also learn about Latin-American cinema, all the techniques and also learn some really kick ass software. Also, this weekend I went to Valparaiso with my friend Pato, I didn't take some photos because the trip was planned in the last minute and I left my camera at home.


New hair, Valparaíso | Outfit

3 sept. 2013

As I said before, I don't know since when I started liking this trend, but I find it really fun and easy to match. It adds a different twist vibe to your wardrobe if you want to try something new but easy.

Well, this time I didn't wait a long time to get a plaid shirt because one of my roommies has a lot of them so I asked him to lend me one. I paired it with a graphic tee from a Mexican brand 'Mexican Fashion', skinny jeans and my beloved litas (which after a year, are finally mine).
This was the outfit I used for my trip to Valparaíso, I didn't used the litas all day long, I was also carrying a pair of sneakers, and I used them most part of the day. And if you didn't notice I dyed my hair purple-ish, and I am seriously thinking of adding a little bit more color. Not sure yet.