La fonda | Chile Diary

24 sept. 2013

The week of the 18 of september in Chile is just surreal, in this date they celebrate the First Government Junta, that is when the country was starting to be independent from Spain.
Besides the crazy-non-stopping parties, the flag everywhere and a lot of dogs dressed with typical chilean outfits, they also have some carnivalesque places where you go and have a piece of Chile in 2km(2).

I got to visit 'Fonda Ines de Suarez' which according to my bf is one of the best fondas (and I got to say it was my favorite), very typical, with a lot of options, full of people, and in a kind of fancy neighborhood.
Every day I fall deeper and deeper in love with all of this, the culture and the food (yes, I'm starting to like their food). The music is amazing, of course theY listen to the '40 hits' but they have this crazy love for 'cumbias" and "cueca", is just so nice to see, from young to old people, everybody dancing in the same dance floor, music you might think is only for school dances. I was totally amazed.
In some ways it reminded me a little of mexican parties but I thinks is that essence every Latin-American party has: colors, music, flavors and a lot of happy people.