Week Seven | Chile Diary

17 sept. 2013

8/09/13 - 14/09/13

This week started really good: The weather was warm so we were able to eat at the school's garden. Also, all week we had such an amazing package of classes and topics, I've learned a lot (honestly, a lot) about photography and cinema. I am beyond happy with my classes and everything this exchange has given me.

Also this week my mexican friends and I made Chilaquiles with some tortillas my friend Pato gave me last weekend, it was one of the best mondays of my life, I can't believe how much you can miss a simple thing as food and even feel like you need it. And we decided to start with a good attitude this week so we played some beer-pong on monday night.

Kind of the best things that happened was my first photoshoot with a model from Suicide Girls, I'm really excited with the results, I'm working to have them ready next week. Also I released another budoir serie which you can see it complete HERE. This was a project I put a lot of effort on it, I wanted to create a story with strong images but playing with the attitude and sexiness of the new generations.

This is my first real 3D project, we had to make a turntable and I decided to make this very clear-sleek design with a vinyl from The Strokes (The main reason -honestly- why I did this design is because I'm not really familiar with MAYA and I have to learn really fast, because, in comparison with my classmates I'm really behind).