You can call me engineer!

30 jul. 2010

Today was my first day in College: Induction Course. And I am so excited, I´m going to study to be a Digital graphic design Engineer (IDGD/in spanish). I love that career because I like to edit photos, and do things digitally (Like programation, and layouts), and I can´t wait to learn how to draw in a computer, learn more math, all is so excited!!! I´m super happy, I hope and I have faith that I will can keep my scholarship, better be, because If I don´t "Good bye Engineer".

Here I leave you some web cam pictures of my Outfit for the first day, I want to keep my outfit simple, because I was afraid to be pre-judge, so I wear something that made me look and feel good, without being pretentious. That was my evil plan, see my class mate and know how to be to like them, but of course always be me! I call that plan adaptation.

Can´t wait to show you my outfit for the Official very first day, but that will be next monday.

Traduccion: Hoy fue mi primer día en la Universidad: Curso de Inducción. Y estoy tan emocionada, voy a estudiar para ser Ingeniero en Diseño gráfico digital (IDGD). Me encanta esta carrera porque me gusta editar fotos, y hacer las cosas en formato y de manera digital (como programación y diseños), y claro quiero aprender a dibujar por computadora, más matemáticas, estoy tan emocionada! Estoy super feliz, espero y tengo fe en que voy a poder mantener mi beca, porque si no "Adios Ingeniero".

Les dejo algunas fotos del outfit primer día, quise que fuera simple, porque tenía miedo a  ser pre-juzgada, así que puse algo se mira y siente bien, sin ser pretenciosa. Ese era mi plan malévolo, ver a mis compañeros y saber como ser para caer bien, pero por supuesto siempre siendo yo! A esto le llamo adaptación.

No puedo esperar para mostrarle mi outfit para el primer día oficial, pero eso será el próximo lunes.

LV oxox♥

Special Post!

29 jul. 2010

As you know I'm mexican so, I will do something tipical and from my heart: I will defend my people. Sorry If you feel injured, but I don't think you're that kind of people. 

Ley Arizona y gobernadora Brewer...

¡¡Fi fi fi fi fiiii!!!

Es increíble ver como el racismo sigue aun estando en el siglo XIX. Asco debería de darles pensar así, eso no los llevara a ningún lado, la economía y levantamiento de los estados fronterizos dependen en parte de todos esos mexicanos que quieren correr!

Di NO a la Ley Arizona! o que? Quieren otro "día sin mexicanos" para ver como les va?
Desde Tijuana se les manda todo el apoyo posible a los mexicanos y latinos que viven en Arizona y tienen que soportar a esa basura de gente.

LV oxox♥

Material Girl

28 jul. 2010

Love the ring.
Madonna is taking the picture!

Taylor Momsen is the face of the new brand "Material Girl" By Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon.

Im so In love of this style, is like my party style, and I love that cross ring.

Taylor has been always criticized by her tights and short skirts, is nice to see that somebody (like Madonna) feel conected with that style, that as I say before I love. 

And as we all now Madonna has benn always a Icon, and now we can wear some clothes like she use to. On sale in Macys.

I don´t have to say to much, the photos speak for themselves.

-Traduccion: Fotos de la nueva marca de ropa "Material Girl" de Madonna y su hija Lourdes Leon, la modelo es Taylor Momsen. De venta en Macys.

La verdad es que amo ese estilo, es como lo que uso para ir de fiesta, claro me encantaria hacerlo de dia, pero si se ve demaciado extraño. Pero aun asi amo ese look, y Taylor siempre fue criticada por vestir asi, es bueno saber que hay gente que apoya (Madonna cuenta por 1millon)
Me encanta el Anillo de cruz.

LV oxox♥

My Inspiration (2)

27 jul. 2010

My favorite

Without a doubt my greatest inspiration is the TV serie Gossip Girl, my favorite of all the time. I found it in a magazine and what catched my attention was the fact that they live in New York, so I started watching it, and since the first moment I fell in love of Blair Waldorf's style. 

She's the definition of Classy, elegant and Sexy. Preppy in all angle, her signature the head band, I'll be honest with you, I wear head bands since Junior High, but when I start seeing her's, I start buying they more classic and a little more Blair look like. Always with a vintage touch, and some girly things. She always wear recognized brands, and never use jeans.

Her colors: Red and blue, and always with a touch of color in her tights or Head bands.

In the last season, she start using less the head band, and I think that is good, because she is growing up.

-Traducción: Sin duda alguna mi inspiración mas grande es la serie Gossip Girl, la comencé a ver desde la temporada uno, porque leí en una revista que vivían en Nueva York y por eso me intereso, pero desde el comienzo me encanto el estilo de Blair Waldorf, siempre clasica, elegante y sexy. 

Con sus diademas, que la verdad yo las uso desde antes de ver la serie, pero cuando comencé a notar que Blair las usaba, compraba de las mas parecidas a las de ella. En esta ultima temporada ella las esta usando menos, y yo creo que esta bien, por que ya esta madurando.

LV oxox♥

City of Dreams!

26 jul. 2010

No rings this time, just a cool nails.

Well, I´ve been extremely busy this weekend and I had no time to post, this outfit is from last Friday, and I took it with the web cam, as you now I dont have camara, they look so, bad and I can't take as least one decent, I'm so mad!

This Weekend, My family and I went to a family party of my grandfather's birthday, he is 80 years old! I will post some photos, of course.

That make special this outfit is the Upper East Side blouse, I found it in Forever 21, Arizona. It means so much for me, because one of my biggest dreams, is live in New york, be a part of something big! And well I'm kind obssesed with that.

I don't like to say the brands of the clothes, because what is important is how it seem, not what it cost. But some times is necesary, like this.

-> Traducción: Este fin de semana, estuve muy ocupada, y no tenia tiempo para postear, de echo aun sigo ocupadísima, así que aquí les va este post con mi outfit del viernes pasado, tomadas con la web cam. 
La blusa es muy especial para mi, porque trae la imagen del Upper East side, de nueva york y uno de mis sueños mas grandes es vivir allá.

LV oxox♥

My Inspiration (1)

21 jul. 2010

I'm a little obsess with the "Preppy Style" and, of course I want to use it, but my economy and the weather of my city aren't to helpful. That's why I define me as: "Preppy punk" that mix is a more cheap and more party. And I think it still looking good. 

One of my greatest influence on the fashion is the TV serie Gossip Girl, but today I'm not going to talk about it. Today is about Olivia Palermo, my resent inspiration, I found her in "The City" MTV show, and her style is so amazing, define as "Preppy" so, I start searching, and she's so cool, with her upper east sidder touch, I just love it.  It's quite frustrated because she's tiny, and she look good with all the clothes, for me is hard to look like that, because my body isn't like her's. 

I'm such a lover of the Upper East Side/New york look, tights, leggings, coats, boots, etc. That's why I love winter, So pretty clothes! When I live there I'll be the happiest person on earth!

LV oxox♥

Friends Vacations.

18 jul. 2010

Yes, that´s how my real hair look like :)

Well this is my "Good bye high school" summer, so I ask my mom to leave me do whatever I like, and of course she say no, but at least she give me more permisions than before.

Some pictures from last thursday with my BFF Sofia in Rosarito Beach, Also they were Tote, Waio, Mariana, Tania, Zoila(Mom of Sofia), Norma and Jose. It was fun, and we eat like homeless, and everything was nice, BUT I BURN MI SKIN! At this moment my skin is ok, but it really hurts.

-Traducción: Algunas fotos de las vacaciones con amigos, en Rosarito. Este es mi ultimo verano despidiendo la Preparatoria, así que, a jozar! Allí estaba Sofía, Tote, Mariana, Waio, Tania, Zoila(Mamá de Sofia), Norma y José. Todo estuvo super bien, solo que me queme la piel y me ardía mucho, ahorita esta bastante mejor.

LV oxox♥

PD. My Leg skin.