Show your legs!

16 jul. 2010

This is the one I love the most, is more my style, but I can't waer it with a biker jaket, because here is really hot!

Ralph Lauren.

Alexander Wang.


Smexy, uh? Chanel.

I was never a huge fan of Skirts, dresses or shorts, but this summer-spring season make me think about they, is getting so hot in here, I don't have other option, and they actually look good.

I live in one of the hottest place in Mexico (the weather is dry), and I will be honest with you, I HATE SPRING!, but I live here, and I can't do something against that, so I have to move on, and wear clothes helpful me with the weather. One contradition, is that I love tan, and I love my legs.

Here I leave you some pictures that Inspires me this, ew, spring. When I have my own camara, I promisse you show you my "ew, spring" face, with a cute shorts. Enjoy it, spring lovers!

->Traducción: Nunca fui una gran amante de las faldas o los vestidos, pero este verano hace tanto calor que recurrí a ellas, y para mi sorpresa, no se me ven nada mal.

Vivo en uno de los lugares mas calientes de México (porque el clima es seco) y para ser honesta, ¡ODIO EL CALOR! pero vivo aquí y no puedo hacer nada, así que uso ropa que me ayuda con el clima. Una contradicción acerca de mi odio al calor, es que me encanta broncearme y amo mis piernas.

Aquí unas fotos que me ayudaron a inspirarme este verano. Cuando tenga mi cámara les mostrare mis fotos, lo prometo. Hasta ahora dependo de las cámaras de otros.

LV oxox♥

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Lol, Of course I will show mine,, they are BURN! :P

Hi :) Just found your blog. love these pictures!

I'm following, follow me back if you like to.

Adore these pictures

Lovely pictures. I love wearing skirts and dresses, but I never show my legs, no matter how hot it is here, I' always wear leggins :D