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26 jul. 2010

No rings this time, just a cool nails.

Well, I´ve been extremely busy this weekend and I had no time to post, this outfit is from last Friday, and I took it with the web cam, as you now I dont have camara, they look so, bad and I can't take as least one decent, I'm so mad!

This Weekend, My family and I went to a family party of my grandfather's birthday, he is 80 years old! I will post some photos, of course.

That make special this outfit is the Upper East Side blouse, I found it in Forever 21, Arizona. It means so much for me, because one of my biggest dreams, is live in New york, be a part of something big! And well I'm kind obssesed with that.

I don't like to say the brands of the clothes, because what is important is how it seem, not what it cost. But some times is necesary, like this.

-> Traducción: Este fin de semana, estuve muy ocupada, y no tenia tiempo para postear, de echo aun sigo ocupadísima, así que aquí les va este post con mi outfit del viernes pasado, tomadas con la web cam. 
La blusa es muy especial para mi, porque trae la imagen del Upper East side, de nueva york y uno de mis sueños mas grandes es vivir allá.

LV oxox♥


Uhhh I love this

me gusta tu gorro inca!!!! yo tengo uno pero en negro!!! y me parece cool tener una camisa con la ciudad en la que deseas vivir estampada!!! :D
que fashion sos!!

love it!!!!

Im following you, sigueme? xx

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Mi dire es
Muchos besos y buen blog!!

Love the nails, and you are mad cute ;-)

i love your nails

great nailpolish.

Nice Outfit and beautiful blog!