Family Vacations.

9 jul. 2010


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Yeah, we vote!

Hi, everybody. Well, Hi girls. Now I´m posting about my family vacations, we went to "Baja Malibu" and I have so, so, so much fun! I really have the great time ever. My outfit wasn´t the best, because well, is family you don´t have to look like a runway show to be with they, so I grab a dress and I put short and that´s it, let´s go to the beach.

This time was really special because one of my aunts come from Tennessie, and she brought two of my cousins ... by the way we have like three years without seeing us, so that made it more special.

One Interesting fact was that like always, I spent more of my time with Rodolfo (My favorite cousin) but now that he know how to drive, they send us everywhere with the car, it was so funny, we feel like grownups, Now I just need to learn how to drive, and we are almost complete. Other cool thing is that we are "adults" in Mexico, so we can vote, and WE DID IT! It felt so cool. Well, that was a little more of my life. I´m 18 and everything is new for me :) My life is changing so much, and I´m so exited. I can wait to go to the University, of course I´ll post about it. But for now, this is it.

Traduccion: Hola chicas, en este post les dejo las fotos de las vacaciones con mi familia, fuimos a "Baja Malibu" y fue muy divertido y especial, porque una de mis tias vino desde Tennessie con dos de mis primos a los cuales no veia desde hace 3 años. La ropa para las vacaciones no fue complicada, un vestido, un short y ya, no es necesario vestir como en una pasarela cuando vaz con la familia.

Algo interesante que paso, es que como mi primo Rodolfo ya sabe manejar nos mandaban a todos lados a hacer los favores, y era muy divertido, nos sentiamos unos adultos. Ahora solo falta que yo aprenda a manejar. Otra cosa es que como en Mexico ya somos "Adultos" fuimos a votar, y wow, es algo muy cool. Bueno eso es poco acerca de mi vida, tengo 18 y todo es nuevo para mi. Mi vida esta cambiando much y estoy muy emocionada, no puedo esperar a ir a la Universidad, por supuesto les contare acerca de eso, pero por ahora es todo.

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nice pics. The face contour of you and your fav. cousin look very the same

Don't you just LOOVE family vacations? I love it

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