Fatalism 911 | Diary

28 sept. 2012

Time ago I used to write about what I think and how I feel, I don't know why I stopped... Being a "young adult" is really weird, I know I am not ready to be an adult yet (well, I don't really want to...) but, how serious is life now? I don't remember the last time I made something with out worrying about my future, and I mean that's right, isn't? I have to worry, and plan and everything, but what about fun? What about my free time, what about the silly things? What about drama? I remember how I hated to be a teenager when I was in high school, nobody trusted me enough, and now everyone expects everything from me, ... Well I have some bad news ... I just have a 50/100 in math ... I am a human, normal hungry and sleepy human, who is always trying to eat the world, who is always worrying about the future, about money (and clothes ...) I miss watching TV, I really really miss getting drunk with my friends (now that I have a car, I can't do that) ... When did things started to get so hard? ...
Ok, let's stop the fatalism, I am just being annoying, I have a pimple in my forehead to remind my is not to late, I am still something weird-thing between teenager and adulthood. Now I have to make homework, wash the dishes and eat something ...

Cancún, Summer Vacations Vol. II | Diary

20 sept. 2012

Well,is almost a month since I went to Cancún, Quintana Roo. But, I really want to have the record on the blog, so, here we go!
We were there for a week (an amazing week) The weather was crazy! I don't know how people can live there, beside of that I totally enjoyed the trip. The main reason why we went to Cancun was a Graphic Design Congress, but 4 days before we stayed at Playa del Carmen and went to Chichen Itza and Xcaret. Honestly those days have been one of the most amazing days of my life! Being there worrying about nothing, having fun all the time with my friends, meeting thousands of different people, the beach, the trips, the food, absolutely everything was perfect. Also, as I say before, we went to a congress and I can say we learned a lot, even if some of the conferences were a little boring, we enjoyed every single second! And of course we want to do it again!


New look | Outfit

17 sept. 2012

After almost two years being a red-hair, I dyed my hair black ... Well it's a ombre style, but is not red anymore. I feel so different, is amazing how a hair color can define you, I will be honest as soon as I can I will be back in red, but for now my hair needs to rest and get well again.

In another things, I totally forgot about my lovely "rocker boots", three days ago I was cleaning my closet and I found them at the bottom of all the boxes and immediately I started looking for the next outfit. This was a pretty good day, the weather was cool and friendly so I used a three-quarters-top with a black skirt. I felt really confortable and it was super easy for me to run side by side all day!

I haven't said a lot about what I am doing lately, well, I am working as a Co-coordinator of the biggest fashion event in my city (so far). It name is: Innovamoda, and we will have a fashion show full of international designers, but they all have something in common... They are from Tijuana! Ximena Valero, Emedel García and Daniela Villa. We will also have a special guest: Louis Verdad. I'm a crazy, excited and in love about this project! We still have a month to work on it, so expect amazing things! Here is INNOVAMODA's FB fan page! Give it a like to know more about the event!

Anna Dello Russo for H&M | Fashion

16 sept. 2012

Everybody is talking about it, and how can we blame them? The new accessories collection from H&M ft. ADR is amazing! This is a collection where excess is the norm, with gold and turquoise as protagonists. Necklaces, bracelets, belts, earrings, handbags, luggage, shoes, etc, All with one thing in common: Animal forms.

As for the shoes, the same "more is not enough." Golden Boots, sandals with rhinestones and dominatrix style boots. Shortly usable, unless you work for Gogo or have a wardrobe really risky as the same ADR. The collection is really her... That's for sure and some of the pieces have a certain charm, but the best part is that the prices are typical of H&M, so they are very accessible. 'I wanted to re-create the excitement of the fashion week tour, when you enter a dreamy fashion bubble that is almost a parallel reality. I tried to capture that sense of freedom, joy and excitement.' All the pieces were inspired by New York Fashion Week, and ADR's style as well.

She explains, 'Accessories are like vitamins to fashion — as such, you should use them liberally.' I fell in love with the hole collection and I'll definitely buy one of those amazing sunglasses! But honestly I wouldn't use everything. Did you like the collection? Do you have a fav piece?


Slim Rings | Obsession

9 sept. 2012

I remember last year I was obsessed with big rings, the bigger the better. Now I don't feel the same, I like them but now I love how the slim-rings look, I find them chic, classy and really cute. The only bad thing in my city is that they are really hard to find, I don't know what is happening here but everything at the stores is full of crystals and 'bling-bling', I just, ... I have my opinions about that kind of stuff, but I found some pretty ones at Forever 21 and Romwe, aren't they cute?

Well, this is my latest obsession, which is yours?


Black and Pink | Outfit

2 sept. 2012

If you had a sackful of smiles
And you knew they would run out
Would you choose to use them wisely
Or freely give them out
What would be a fair exchange
For a smile from your sack
Would it be sufficient
To get a smile back
Would you keep them to yourself
For amusement and delight
Imagine...just a sackful of smiles
Would you really want that plight?

Life after vacations usually is the same for me, but this time, after Cancun I have to admit I'm a little bit sad, I mean, I love my life in TJ, my work, my family, my boyfriend, my friends, etc. But being in another city not worrying about anything was pretty amazing! This weeks has been exhausting, I have a lot to do, and if, school, home and work is not enough I am now a co-coordinator of the biggest fashion event in my city! It's the first time Tijuana makes something this big, hopefully it will be amazing! The event is next month, wish me luck!

Well, this was an simple outfit with solid colors and gold accessories. I really need to try to add some prints to my closet, actually this one is one of my favorites, because believe it or not it was really fresh and the skirt (actually dress) have a beautiful almost-neon pink color that I love. What do you think?