"Summer, Kind of Wonderful"

28 ago. 2010

I'm going to the "last day of summer" party! and I can't be happier, I hate summer, so, I dress like the occasion needs and I will enjoy this like never before, I'm going with my cousins, so we can do whatever! It stays on family. 

For the record, I'm not wearing my hair extensions, because the weather is very hot!

I will post more photos about, but for now, here is my "last day of summer" outfit.
The nexts post will be about my favorite Fall-winter trends!! LOVE IT!

LV oxox♥

"Reversals of Fortune"

27 ago. 2010

Oh my God, I'm such a bad blogger, I have 11 days with out posting, that's so bad! I hope you don't forget about me, but really school drives me crazy but happy, and well, I have an accident and, there's so many things, and I really wanna post, but I don't have time.

Here some pictures were I show you how is all going, I have a boyfriend, I'm happier now, hahaha, but I promise you, that I will post more, like the old times. All photos are edited by me, but I only take the first six.

Honestly I'm not the kind of girl, how "fall in love" and forget about life, I have so many thing to do, and won't stop because other person, even if it is my couple, so, yes, I'm happy, but my life still the same.

LV oxox♥


"The Wild Brunch"

17 ago. 2010

A quick post from school, I'm in class, but I like my clothes so much that I couldn't wait to show it! 
I'm back, had been so long since I didn't use the clothes that I really love, because in this school the people dress simple and cool, but today I decide to be me. 
Loving tights!
I hope you guys are happy too.

LV oxox♥

"The Lady Vanished"

16 ago. 2010

Love this photo, hahaha, my flat foot hahaha it look funny, haha

I'm such a bad blogger, I've been busy since I got into University and I just forgot about my blog, but today was the day I decided to do my post before going to school, because if I don't do it this way I probably won't post today.

Is Monday and I feel so happy, that's why I use so many colors, is my way to reflect my happiness, really I'm kind obssesed with my new friends, with the school, with all the new things in my life, and I feel so great!! HAPPY that's the word! I'm where I belong. I hope you feel good too! Hava a nice day.

Traducción: Soy una mala blogger, ando tan ocupada con la escuela que se me olvida el blog, pero hoy decidí postear temprano para no perder tiempo. 

Es lunes y me siento tan contenta, por eso los colores, es mi forma de expresar mi felicidad, de verdad me siento un poco obsesionada con mis nuevos amigos, con la escuela, con todo lo nuevo en mi vida, me siento ¡feliz! esa es la palabra para describirlo, siento que estoy donde pertenezco, y de verdad deseo que todos se sientan igual de felices, y tengan un muy bonito día.

LV oxox♥

"New Haven Can't Wait"

13 ago. 2010

This season, the military-style will again take the leading role in many of the signatures! And Im so happy about that, I love Fall-Winter, and I love black, and Hermes is bringing it back!

The new collection of Hermès is inspired by aviation to dress women; Short jackets, tight in the low but broad in the rest of the body. The jacket is sublime, small tables, with a brown and accurate details about it.

Hermes proposed for the winter season the clouds become the preferred destination for the French firm. Clouds that do not involve a dream by Jean-Paul Gaultier, known for its signature Birkin bag is just as classic yet elegant as always.

Traducción: Esta temporada el estilo militar regresa!, es lo mejor, yo amo la temporada Otoño-Invierno, y Hermes esta trayendo el Negro y el Militar de vuelta, estoy tan feliz. 

La nueva colección esta inspirada en la aviación, chaquetas cortas, pegadas de la cadera pero sueltas del top. Me encanto! 

Abri un nuevo blog, es un proyecto escolar, chequenlo!

LV oxox♥

I've just opened another blog, is for school and my works, as a portfolio.

"The Ex Files"

8 ago. 2010

I've been very busy with school and not give me much time to post, but here I leave some pictures of  Contemporary Art and one of the Abstract Art, can see the difference? I must say it's very obvious. I hope you like posts like this, because I'm going to star posting about art and Graphic designers, that's what I mean by "the variety" of the "tank top". Tell me everything! all the comments and opinions are welcome.

And continuing with all the happiness of being a college student, I can say that few times I have felt like this. I'm very comfortable in this classroom, people is very cool, smart and fun. I hope and trust that will remain like this, for the next eight semesters.

LV oxox♥

"School Lies"

3 ago. 2010

I don't have time, so I just took two pictures, and just passing to tell you about my crazy day.

As you all know, this is my first week of school, and, today (second day) I had my first “Introduction to DGDE" class, but our big classmates made us the worst joke EVER! I’m still feeling frustrated! They put a friend as a teacher and she was so mean, I almost killed myself, I was so afraid, I'll be honest, I cried when we found out it was a joke. But the worst of all of it, was that I "fought", actually I made a comment of the "teachers" attitude, and it was all fake, I really can't express how I felt in English, but if you understand a little of Spanish or speak it here you can read a summary of the history

But that really showed me that it will be so fun and entertaining! I’m SO HAPPY about this, I feel so perfect in those classrooms and yes, I'm afraid, and I don't know how to do so many things that others can, but I know I can learn! I FEEL HAPPY!!! 

PS. Here the blog of the career IDGD!

Traduccion: Como ya saben, estoy en la primera semana de mi carrera universitaria, y hoy nos jugaron la broma mas pesada de mi vida, la novatada, fue tan horrible: unos companeros de IDGD de 2do y 3ro me parece, se hicieron pasar, una por la maestra y otros por alumnos ya afectados por su mala actitud, pero fue tan feo, si quieren pueden leer aqui toda la historia [esta escrita con un lenguaje muy vulgar(no grosero, si no, callejero o coloquial)]
Aqui el blog de la carrera: IDGD!

LV oxox♥

"Hi, Society"

2 ago. 2010

My BFF Eneani give it to me.

Today was my very first day as a University student, and it felt so great! I have 4 friends now, and Im super exited about the classes and the teachers, and of course of myself, because I don´t know what´s going to happen or what I´ll do, I feel so good!

Traducción: Hoy fue mi primer día de clases en la universidad, y tengo 4 amigos nuevos, estoy tan entusiasmada, por las clases, los maestros y por supuesto por mi, por que no se que va a pasar o que voy a hacer, me siento tan bien!

LV oxox♥