"The Wild Brunch"

17 ago. 2010

A quick post from school, I'm in class, but I like my clothes so much that I couldn't wait to show it! 
I'm back, had been so long since I didn't use the clothes that I really love, because in this school the people dress simple and cool, but today I decide to be me. 
Loving tights!
I hope you guys are happy too.

LV oxox♥


awww tee veezz bn niice ,, me encataa,,herees tu :)
tuu cabelloo se ve bn booniitoo comoo simepre :)

nunca te haviiass vestidoo asi para ir a la escuelaa :3,, yy see vee biien ,, porqee no esta exajeraadoo , peroo taampocoo se vee muuy sencillo :)

ahaam TU :)!

jeje i need to get those tights too!! me encanta tu pelo pelo tannnnn largo!!

fue este dia o el otro que te voy a comentar!!