"Reversals of Fortune"

27 ago. 2010

Oh my God, I'm such a bad blogger, I have 11 days with out posting, that's so bad! I hope you don't forget about me, but really school drives me crazy but happy, and well, I have an accident and, there's so many things, and I really wanna post, but I don't have time.

Here some pictures were I show you how is all going, I have a boyfriend, I'm happier now, hahaha, but I promise you, that I will post more, like the old times. All photos are edited by me, but I only take the first six.

Honestly I'm not the kind of girl, how "fall in love" and forget about life, I have so many thing to do, and won't stop because other person, even if it is my couple, so, yes, I'm happy, but my life still the same.

LV oxox♥


Looos ammooooooooooo se venn hermooosoooos, me alegra saver qe yo ayude a crear esoooo :),,

Ahiiiii :3