"The Ex Files"

8 ago. 2010

I've been very busy with school and not give me much time to post, but here I leave some pictures of  Contemporary Art and one of the Abstract Art, can see the difference? I must say it's very obvious. I hope you like posts like this, because I'm going to star posting about art and Graphic designers, that's what I mean by "the variety" of the "tank top". Tell me everything! all the comments and opinions are welcome.

And continuing with all the happiness of being a college student, I can say that few times I have felt like this. I'm very comfortable in this classroom, people is very cool, smart and fun. I hope and trust that will remain like this, for the next eight semesters.

LV oxox♥


I love the gossip girl sentences in your title every time! <3

great post, love the pictures, inspiring :)

love the photos, i hope uni is going well!! x

Wow I LOVE the 3rd picture and the bicycle one! Beautiful. :)