27 abr. 2011

Today was a good day. I had two photoshoots with my friends (I can't wait to show you the final result) and I had a great time with my boyfriend. Also I take some cool pictures of animals. Hahaha.
Tell me, what is a good day for you? Today was a good day? I bet it was!


3 days until my birthday!! I want to party!


The dreamcatcher.

26 abr. 2011

I'm really excited with my life in this moment. I'm trying to be a better person, having fun with what I do no matter what, but with my feet on the ground. I'm surrounded by so many lovely people and I'm realizing what is important in life, getting support or getting the true. And I really appreciate more the people who are by my side and tell me the true, than the one who is only trying to stagnate.
Enjoy life, value what you have and damn! Live it up!
PD. In 4 days is my 19th birthday(and I'm more than upset because I don't have an outfit. But I know that's not important I'm gonna have a good time)


Wildfox couture spring 2011

25 abr. 2011

Wildfox released its campaign video for spring 2011.
What do you think? I love it!


I'm dreaming of ...

23 abr. 2011

... a perfect style like Andy Torres'.

... longer and red hair like this!

... lovely and perfect bag like this♥

... Canon t3♥

... amazing macbook pro, and the candels too!

Those are some dreams for this year (exept the first one, thats a long process).
so tell me what are you currently dreaming of?


Pursuit of freedom

6 abr. 2011

These pictures were taken by Annie Balcazar. At some forbidden place at the school's backyard. I also took some pictures of my friends, but I ain't finished editing them, so you will have to wait. 
Tell me, Do you like the concept? It's something like "Contemporary women" or as the title says "The pursuit of freedom".

LV oxox♥


Roots and camel boots.

1 abr. 2011

Well as usual I'm late with the posts.

As you can notice I don't like to use jeans, so every time I can wear a pair of leggings I use them. Sometimes is a bad option because the weather is crazy, but I love how they look. The pictures were taken by Annie, at the backyard of the school. 
I will tell you a secret. We were spying a cute boy, hahaha. That's why the pictures were there.
I like this outfit because it's related with earth, the colors and the shapes are simple and friendly.

I'm in the moment of life that I'm questioning if I should continue or just let it go. I don't know. It's wierd because I like to post and take pictures for the blog. But, I don't have time, my readers are gone, and this is getting really depressing ... I have to make a decision.

LV oxox♥