27 sept. 2011

As fall-winter fashion gives a nod to the 70's disco era, we're seeing an array of larger-than-life earrings that pops up on the catwalks.

These dramatic earrings make the perfect jewelry to spice up any outfit. And they're not as intimidating an accessory as they look: Oversized earrings flatter just about every face shape and visually make your features look more petite.

Designers took the concept of long earrings to the next level by creating designs that might even reach our shoulders creating a more sculptural and classy effect. Those who were always crazy about the baroque look these details would add to our ensembles will be thrilled to launch a real quest for the most flattering jewelry pieces from the market that suit all face shapes and complement all hair styles; from short pixies to shoulder-grazing bobs, just keep hair off your face to show off those statement jewelry. If you have long hair, try wearing it back in a loose updo or this season's stylish braid.



With everything going on recently I’ve started to miss more and more my best friend. I’ve always had one and now with these past few days of not having that one person I know I can always trust really does suck. I don’t know if you miss me too but I know you made no attempt of fixing this friendship so there’s not much I can do about it. But right now all I could use is a best friend again…


D&G - Spring 2012

23 sept. 2011

Models walked the runway for what is being called the last D&G fashion show as the line is being discontinued. One of its grandest collections, with printed dresses made of silk, oversize hats, fabric cover wedges and chunky accessories that brought a boost of energy to the catwalk with loud colors and prints, the young line of Dolce & Gabbana makes me think of gypsies, hippies and freedom. Definitely my favorite collection of Milan's fashion week. The mix of colors and prints is stunning; I love the fabric, the geometrical prints, the colors, and the textures with the mix of prints on the fabrics. Also the multi-color fabric shoes, which mostly wrap over the ankles, were something to behold, very interesting and fresh. If I had the money, I would buy the whole collection.


Featuring | Felipe

22 sept. 2011

Well, looks like I am starting with the "I have been so busy" again. I hate that, and I am pretty sure that is because of my lack of computer.

This photos are from almost 2 weeks ago. He is one of the most interesting and wierd people that I have ever met, he's name is Felipe and he interrupted my photoshoot, so we decide to make a photoshoot together. In this pictures you can realize how short I am. That is sad!

OH! I almost forget! WELCOME FALL!! I am so happy!! FALL IS HERE! And, well, it is true, I have been very busy because I have some projects going on, two of them are complete (that's why I am here): The Comic and a interface animation. I am trying to convert them to HTML so you guys can see them, and the other one is the Expo of my career, this year is going to be different because, this time it is going to be coordinated by a group of students, and guess what? I am a part of that group! Stay tuned, this week I am back!

I think I am going to start this "Featuring" thing with my friends or random people who interrupts my photoshoots. It could be fun!


Ya voy a empezar con mi "He estado muy ocupada", ¡lo odio! y todo es por mi falta de computadora.

Estas fotos son de hace casi dos semanas, él es una de las personas mas interesantes y raras que he conocido, se llama Felipe y llego a interrumpir mi sesión de fotos, así que decidimos hacer una juntos, modela bien, ¿no?. En estas fotos se pueden dar cuenta de lo bajita que soy, y eso no me gusta.

¡YA ES OTOÑO! Estoy super feliz, ¡AMO EL OTOÑO!. Y pues bueno, es verdad, estas dos semanas estuve ocupada con unos proyectos, dos de ellos ya terminaron (es por eso que estoy aquí): El tan mencionado cómic y una caratula para una pagina web, y el otro es la exposición de mi carrera, y este año las cosas serán diferentes por que la coordinación esta a cargo de un grupo de alumnos, y ¿Adivinen que? ¡Yo soy parte de ese grupo! Atentos, que ya estoy de regreso.

Creo que seguiré con los "featuring's" con la gente que me interrumpa o mis amigos que anden por ahí en mis sesiones, podría ser divertido.


Wish list!

9 sept. 2011

Somebody? :)


The shopping holiday!

Vogue magazine's Fashion Night Out came to Mexico to show that, despite the international image of the country as an unsafe place, "you can go out on the street and have a good time," the magazine's editor-in-chief for the country, Eva Hughes said. For the third year in a row - albeit the first time in Mexico - on Sept. 8 a number of stores, especially luxury shops, in the Mexican capital and cities in 16 other countries opened their doors until late in the evening to allow the public to see the latest fashions and other products.

Fashion's Night Out began in the United States in 2009, when many people stopped going out to shop due to the economic crisis. "There was a need to involve people again in the luxury world, in shopping ... The success was such that new countries began to join in."

It's a chance to show the world that Mexico is able to have a fashion night rivaling the best that other cities in the world can muster.


The blue cross necklace

5 sept. 2011

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. Let’s play fairy tales, make believe despite the fact that everything always disappears into the sea, the sea of my mind. Details of me, textures, colors and a beautiful cross necklace. In love of this maxi-top, the ethnic sandals and my crazy hair.


Poor little A - Photoshoot

4 sept. 2011

A little girl, a lot of stories, a lot of feelings. Favelas, Brazil, hate, love and pain. Hapiness is a mood and its a condition not a destination, it is like being tired or hungry its not permanent, it comes and goes. The biggest fear in life is not death... rather, it is living unhappy forever.

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Brand new!

3 sept. 2011

Well, well, well one of my best friends went to Europe and she bought this souveniers from, Madrid, Barcelona, Venice and Paris. I am very happy! A lot of nice and pretty stuff!