300313 | Playlist

30 mar. 2013

I have been replaying this song, I love it, but mostly is because I relate with the story. I don't really like Marina, but this song is really catchy and last but not least a song from alt-J (∆) which I feel is going to be one of my favorite bands this year.


Spring Break, part 1 | Diary

24 mar. 2013

Taking risks may seem very scary, but sometimes is the only way you will able to know the world. For Spring Break, school gave us a free week and my best friend and I decided to do something fun and adventurous. We planned our trip 2 days before and made it real 5 hours before getting in the bus. Right now we are on our way to Mazatlán, 27 hours in the road, less than 300dlls on our pockets and 1 week to go! Hopefully for us I just got a new iPod so we will take a lot of pictures!

Hope you guys have something fun planned and if not, you can always use Spring Break to chill and regain energy for what is next.


Touch me, touch me | Photography

11 mar. 2013

"Sexiness should not be overt. Something shapeless that drapes across your hip, hangs off the shoulder; something that cowls in the front, drapes low in the back, that's sexy."

I have to say this is one of my favorite photo shots until now. I really wanted to explore and make something different, something sexy, something out of my box. My friend here did an amazing job creating this sexy character for us.

Take a look to the full set HERE


Les Misérables | Fashion

8 mar. 2013

Well I know "The Mis" are a old story by now, but I didn't wanted to post this without watching the film. Finally they played it in my country and I went to watch it.

Besides Best Movie and Best Production, Les Misérables was nominated for Best Costume Design. Paco Delgado is the regular costume designer for Pedro Almodóvar and Alez de la Iglesia's work, and this time he made the costume another character in the story; He didn't thought about the clothes as 1800's costumes, he wanted real clothes so he got inspired by two of the most wonderful artist in from that century: Eugène Delacroix and Francisco de Goya, so, in that way he was able to recreate 30 years of history and social hierarchies in clothes.

They used 2,200 costumes that here made at France, Spain, Italy and England. Once they had the costumes the next step was wreck them so in that way they will fit with the miserable life of the people. I was amazed by the feeling of the costumes, and well, being a Gossip Girl fan you get use to look at those details, how the color of the clothes is changing trough the character's life and of course how clothes can help the viewer to know from which social hierarchies are the characters. If you look carefully, you can realize the french flag all over the movie, you can see how the clothes change along the suffer and the life style of the characters.


Attempt | Diary

2 mar. 2013

I know I am the worst attempt of blogger ever. I can believe I went MIA for a month! I really tried and tried to write something but I was (still am) struggling with a lot of bad/sad stuff in my life, the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. I am trying to get all that bad stuff over and keep my head up, but it is really hard to do that when everyday I find out about another thing that hurts me. My life was a big mess, now is just a mess, a mess that I am finally cleaning up. Hopefully it won't take a lot of time.

I have new plans for the blog, I will talk about them very soon, by now I just wanted you to know that I am alive. Sometimes life have another plan for us and even if you try really hard to do or have what you want it is not for you, I'm not surrendering, I am accepting my fate. I am going to make me a better life.

This poem has been really helpful for me, I find every part of it really honest and I can quite related with it.

I have forgiven mistakes that were indeed almost unforgivable.
I've tried to replace people who were irreplaceable
and tried to forget those who were unforgettable.

I've acted on impulse,
have been disappointed by people when I thought that this could never be possible.
But I have also disappointed those who I love.
I have laughed at inappropriate occasions.
I've made friends that are now friends for life.
I've screamed and jumped for joy.

I've loved and I've been loved.
But I have also been rejected and
I have been loved without loving the person back.

I've lived for love alone and made vows of eternal love.
I've had my heart broken many, many times!
I've cried while listening to music and looking at old pictures.
I've called someone just to hear their voice on the other side.
I have fallen in love with a smile.

At times, I thought I would die because I missed someone so much.
At other times, I felt very afraid
that I might loose someone very special (which ended up happening anyway.)
But I have lived! And I still continue living everyday.

I'm not just passing through life... and you shouldn't either.
Live! The best thing in life is to go ahead with all your plans and your dreams,
to embrace life and to live everyday with passion,
to lose and still keep the faith and to win while been grateful.

All of this because the world belongs to those who dare to go after what they want. And because life is really too short to be insignificant.
- Charlie Chaplin