Spring Break, part 1 | Diary

24 mar. 2013

Taking risks may seem very scary, but sometimes is the only way you will able to know the world. For Spring Break, school gave us a free week and my best friend and I decided to do something fun and adventurous. We planned our trip 2 days before and made it real 5 hours before getting in the bus. Right now we are on our way to Mazatlán, 27 hours in the road, less than 300dlls on our pockets and 1 week to go! Hopefully for us I just got a new iPod so we will take a lot of pictures!

Hope you guys have something fun planned and if not, you can always use Spring Break to chill and regain energy for what is next.


This actually sounds really fun!
Would love to do something like that with my friends one day ^^