Les Misérables | Fashion

8 mar. 2013

Well I know "The Mis" are a old story by now, but I didn't wanted to post this without watching the film. Finally they played it in my country and I went to watch it.

Besides Best Movie and Best Production, Les Misérables was nominated for Best Costume Design. Paco Delgado is the regular costume designer for Pedro Almodóvar and Alez de la Iglesia's work, and this time he made the costume another character in the story; He didn't thought about the clothes as 1800's costumes, he wanted real clothes so he got inspired by two of the most wonderful artist in from that century: Eugène Delacroix and Francisco de Goya, so, in that way he was able to recreate 30 years of history and social hierarchies in clothes.

They used 2,200 costumes that here made at France, Spain, Italy and England. Once they had the costumes the next step was wreck them so in that way they will fit with the miserable life of the people. I was amazed by the feeling of the costumes, and well, being a Gossip Girl fan you get use to look at those details, how the color of the clothes is changing trough the character's life and of course how clothes can help the viewer to know from which social hierarchies are the characters. If you look carefully, you can realize the french flag all over the movie, you can see how the clothes change along the suffer and the life style of the characters.