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30 ago. 2012

The songs of the month! They all remind me of Cancun and all the fun we had there. So many good memories in 4-5 minutes of music...


Black, roses and blue | Outfit

27 ago. 2012

Well, after two weeks of absence I am back to reality. I have to say that this vacations have been the best so far. First I went with my family to Puerto Peñasco, then I went into a roadtrip with my ex boyfriend and last week I went to Cancun with some of my friends. It was just amazing! I am still working on the post to show you some pictures of the trip, but I have been really busy catching up at school, at work and cleaning my room... My closet is a mess.

With this outfit I felt really comfortable and chic, those heels have been my greatest buy ever! I cannot feel bad, sad or even tired using them. I like the touches of color that the necklace, the flowers and the heels add to the outfit, still black and sober, but with a little bit of color. Also, last week I bought the Prada-inspired sunglasses, and well, I will say it, I am in love with them.


Packing Vol. II | Diary

11 ago. 2012

Esta vez va en español, estoy muy emocionada haciendo mi maleta para ir a Cancún con mis amigos! Esta semana ha sido muy buena y no hay mejor forma para cerrarla que fuera de la ciudad. En mi trabajo las cosas se pusieron un poco locas el jueves y viernes, tuvimos un evento muy grande y yo tenia que andar corriendo de un lado a otro, además tenia que apoyar a la Sociedad de Alumnos y al Concejo de Ingeniería (de los cuales formo parte) así que prácticamente estaba partida en 3. El viernes mi novio y yo nos pinteamos el gimnasio y fuimos a la playa por que hacia muchísimo calor! Y estando ahí descubrí que el nunca se había metido al mar, así que nos metimos con la ropa que llevábamos (yo estaba usando mis pantalones de mezclilla, es lo peor!) pero valió la pena ya que nos refrescamos y pude verlo todo contento intentando no ser llevado por las olas. Mi universidad inicia clases este Lunes, pero yo andaré en Cancún, así que mis clases comienzan hasta la próxima semana!
Espero que todos estén con muchas pilas para iniciar las clases y se hayan divertido en sus vacaciones, nos vemos desde la otra esquina de México!
Vestidos, shorts y mas vestidos es todo lo que puedo llevar, el calor del sur de México es muy difícil, espero poder soportarlo.


Pretty Normal | Outfit

5 ago. 2012

This is how I look in a "normal day", what is normal to me? Well, waking up late, eating my breakfast while I am driving, use a pony tail, and not wearing heels because I have to run to be on time at my office. So, the days I wake up early are the ones that I can have the time to fix my hair and wear something more elaborated.

These days I have been working like crazy! Because next week I'm going to Cancun, Quintana Roo with my friends so I am saving a lot of money! I can't wait to be on the beach again!


Natural Sunshine | Photo

2 ago. 2012

Few months ago I made a 'like' contest on the facebook page of the blog to celebrate the 2nd Bday of Green's life diary. The prize was a photo shoot. The winner was Andrea and this are some of the pictures. It was such an adventure, first of all we spend almost 3 hours choosing the outfits, then when we arrive to the location we were a bit lost, after that we were taking some pictures really close to the lake Andrea was wearing a beautiful hat and the wind took it away and at the end we couldn't leave the place because my car wasn't high enough to leave the dunes and we ended up stuck, we had to call the police to send us a tow truck! Definitely a big adventure!

HERE you can see all the pictures. Hope you like the photos, tell me what do you think!