Black, roses and blue | Outfit

27 ago. 2012

Well, after two weeks of absence I am back to reality. I have to say that this vacations have been the best so far. First I went with my family to Puerto Peñasco, then I went into a roadtrip with my ex boyfriend and last week I went to Cancun with some of my friends. It was just amazing! I am still working on the post to show you some pictures of the trip, but I have been really busy catching up at school, at work and cleaning my room... My closet is a mess.

With this outfit I felt really comfortable and chic, those heels have been my greatest buy ever! I cannot feel bad, sad or even tired using them. I like the touches of color that the necklace, the flowers and the heels add to the outfit, still black and sober, but with a little bit of color. Also, last week I bought the Prada-inspired sunglasses, and well, I will say it, I am in love with them.


Uuuhhh I loved the outfit. You look stunning!!