January | Favorites of the month

31 ene. 2013

This few months I've been watching a lot of 'beauty gurus' on youtube and from them I take the idea of making a list of my favorite stuff of every month, I think is a nice way to keep record of what you like and how your style is changing through the year, also I can share with you few things that I like. Here is my list from January!

Peppermint hot chocolate:

One of my friends works as a barista at the coffee shop at school and I am always asking to make me different types of beverages and one day he gave me hot chocolate with mint and I fell in love. Few weeks later I went to USA with my dad and I order one at Starbucks and then I realize they sold the little packages with the recipe and I bought like 8 of them! I totally love the fresh flavor of the peppermint and well is an amazing hot beverage for this weather.

Revlon Lipstick:

I usually don't use a lot of lipstick specially because I am always eating/drinking something and it gets all over my food. But when I use at parties or special occasions I love this pinky shade from Revlon, it is a good moisturizer and the color is not really bright so it looks quite natural.

Bobby Brown Rich-Cavier Eyeshadow Palette:

This month I started wearing eyeshadow almost every day to look a little bit better and I've been using this amazing palette, the two colors I use the most is the brown one and the gold one, I love how they look and I have to be honest the pigments are not as good as other eyeshadow palettes that I have, but for the same reazon I like to use this one on the daily basics, because with the time the color fades a little and I don't look with a lot of make up.

Eccole Crossbody Bag:

I have this bag since last year, but this past month I have been using it literally every day. All my basics fit perfectly on it and I love the colors, the 'snake' print and it has an amazing good quality! And well is a mexican product, which make it even better!

Blue Cape:

Well, is winter and even if this cape doesn't cover my arms is really, really warm! And I feel really comfortable with it, also is an amazing 'I-don't-know-what-to-wear' item, just put on some jeans, a simple t-shit, cute cape and loafers and you are done!

Slim rings:

I actually made a special post about this obsession and I feel like they are going to be a must have all year (at least for me). I love how cute and sutil are they.

Camel Loafers:

This are not the most warm pair of shoes that I have, but they are so comfortable and so easy to wear! I have been using them almost every day since school begun.

Rose Gold heels:

Definitely my favorite pair of heels since I bought them! Honestly they are not the most comfortable heels I own, the material is really cheap but I love the look they gave to any outfit! They are really cute and even if the material is plastic they look chic.

Outfit: Creamy Sunset

My favorite outfit of the month, the colors, the textures, even my hair and make up, I love it! I felt really pretty that day.

Noisettes | "Wild Young Hearts"

I really love the lyrics of this song also the voice is really nice. But I choose this one because of the feeling and the lyrics. Also I really like live songs.

This was not my best month, hope yours went pretty well! And let's make the next one better!

New look 2013 | Outfit

29 ene. 2013

New semester = new look. You know how much I love doing things to my hair, I just can't stand with the same hairstyle for more than 7 months I like to change and try new things. This time I went back to bangs and I got my hair shorter and without layers and I dye it with a dark burgundy color. What do you think?

This look is from last monday! I wore a lot of colors this day to bright up my day and because I love those green pants and I have never used them with other colors and this time I used a Brown blazer and a bright blue scarf (from my moms closet). And my super comfy brown loafers, that I have been using a lot!

I am sorry I know I've been MIA but there was a lot going on in my life, I almost closed the blog but then I realized that is one of the few things I actually know I will have forever. My relationship with my ex boyfriend ended very bad, I found about a lot of lies and cheating and really ugly stuff, and well, I was quite depressed, but at the end of the day just a few things can last forever. I am just waiting for the day I will be able to forgive him and move on. In the mean time I just have to continue with my life and do my best to be happy again.


Concurso Moda Capital + Dscuento Mx

28 ene. 2013

Esta va en español ya que estoy participando en el concurso de Bloggers Mexicanas realizado por Dscuento MX y Moda Capital. Se trata de crear un look para un sábado por la noche y si resultas ganadora te llevas 6mil pesos. Una de las condiciones fue utilizar prendas de las tiendas que tienen en la base de Dscuento y me puse muy feliz al saber que Mango formaba parte de ellas, así que sin pensarlo mi look fue totalmente Mango.

Cuando salgo por la noche me encanta ir restaurant-bars con mis amigos y de ahi pasar a algún lugar para bailar (por eso decidí llevar tacones bajos) así que quise crear un look chic, elegante y versátil. Me enamore instantaneamente cuando vi el vestido, sobre todo por el color, creo que se puede utilizar en cualquier momento del día y utilizando los accesorios adecuados puede ser un outfit muy casual o algo muy elegante. Y tambien me enamore del clutch con detalles en dorado, siento que lo podría usar con una infinidad de cosas y bueno, ni que decir de esa hermosa chaqueta de imitación piel de serpiente, jamas había visto ese estilo de chaquetas, me fascino!

¿Qué les parece? ¿Creen que pueda ganar? Si tienes blog corre y arma tu look!


220113 | Playlist

23 ene. 2013

The first playlist of the year! I always share the songs that I've played the most for the past few days. This time I have been sharing music with a lot of people and listening to one local radio station that now I love. I realized that what I like the most about music is the lyrics, the beat, but the most important is the song to be singable, I love to play them loud and sing without worrying about anything.

Sunny Winter | Outfit

19 ene. 2013

This time I went back to school for some paper work and to enlist myself into the new course. The weather was as crazy as usual, a lot of wind (cold) and a lot of sun. We were like 7 - 8 degrees but because of the sun they felt like 20-something.

I have been using a lot of jeans lately because they are really comfortable and I don't have black tights or a lot of skirts to match my color ones. This time I wore my beloved gray skinny jeans with my oldest combat boots. Also I used a burgundy top with my all-the-time favorite sweater and my new nude coat. I used my hair down to say good bye to it, because this same day at the afternoon I went to the salon for a make over! In the next outfit post I will be showing you guys my new look!


Sweet Nothing | Diary

17 ene. 2013

Sometimes your world seems to be perfect and you want it to last forever and because of that maybe you don't realize that things are getting boring, bad or is not the same anymore and at the time that reality hits you, in the very bottom of your heart you know is the best to end things, to make a change and move on. And of course you will be hurt and sad, I mean is your life changing, this is you growing up.

I am right now in the middle of that situation, my ex boyfriend and I broke up, and even if we talked about it and I know is the best for me because we weren't entirely happy, I wasn't happy, I feel like there is no tomorrow, I am still in love and I miss him every second, and honestly I don't know what to do to make this feeling disappear. I have been watching like 5 to 6 movies per day, listening music like crazy and going out with my friends and it is unreal how everything can remind me of who we were. I named him the best thing on my 2012 and now I have to erase every part of him and expect an amazing new year... And I ask myself, How I am supposed to forget all that corny stuff we said to each other? All the songs, all the movies, all the places ... It is very difficult to move on, it really is.

You don't need to forget anything, you need to remember how to be by yourself. I think the day you wake up and decide, "I've had enough" is the day you begin to heal yourself. You might never truly be the way you were before all the chaos took over your life, but you will be happy - happier. Just take it one step at a time. One day you will look back and everything will be just memories, no feelings at all. You will be fine, even better.


Golden Globes 2013 | Fashion

16 ene. 2013

This are my favorites from this year's golden globes. As you can see I have a weakness for light colors and glitter. My favorite one is from Michael Kors, I love the elegant silhouettes and the edgy color, then is that amazing Monique Lhuiller if I had to choose one for me, defenitely I would use that one, the top details are breath-taking and the skirt is amazingly chic. And of course Elie Saab is in my top 3! I just can't get enough from that firm, they adore women's body and femininity is their main goal.

This year I skipped the awards and only watched the Red Carpet, and I couldn't see a lot of princess-alike dresses and that make me very sad because I love them and I was hating everything, but I ended falling in love with this amazing straight loose-skirt, this type of skirt is really flattering and very versatile. The color palette this year was very safe and quite boring for me and at the end I realized almost every dress has glitter or something gold.


My Puppies | Diary

14 ene. 2013

Honestly I wasn't that into animals (any kind of them) until this little pair of puppies came into my life. They names are Peanuts and Carlota, the babies of my house, yesterday I was playing with them and I decide to take them some pictures, just to have a record of them.

When my little sister got her first baby dog (The white one, he's 1 year and a half old) I was against having a dog on the house, but with the time I started falling in love with him, he es really cute and obedient, he loves to play 'catch' with me and he is always excited when someone of us came home. I know he looks weird kind of ugly but he is the most lovely dog I have ever met. I love the way he plays with the little one, he's always taking care of her and I find that really charming.
Then one of my aunts gave my mom the little chihuahua (she's 3 months old) she is a really playful, she's always running around the house and making us scratch her belly. Now I can't imagine my day without playing with them or just making fun of their little noses. I am not an animal lover jet but this little two have softened my heart. Aren't the super cute?


Black fur and Red lips | Outfit

This day was incredibly cold and I don't know what happened to me that I wore this and I was freezing while I was doing some paper work at school. I wore this amazing faux fur vest my mom gave me with an old snake-pattern tank top. Also I used my lips with a brigth red color to give to the whole outfit a little bit of light.

As you can notice I am obsessed with this boots, they are perfect for this weather! They are made with the same material as rain boots but they are thin and more wearable. And I have been using a lot of buns and up-dos because my hair is a mess, I really need a new cut, new color, new everything and I have to do it now that I have time on vacations or is going to be too late. As I say before I used some red lipstick and I realized that I hadn't painted my lips since a long time ago, so problably I will be wearing some color on my lips more often.


Oxblood and boots | Outfit

11 ene. 2013

I have been feeling way better and now I do go out from my house to see the world. This time I went to San Diego with one of my cousins, because she is moving for a educational exchange in the city, I didn't actually planned on taking photos of the outfit or anything but we passed by this beautiful neighborhood and she asked me to take the pictures.

I totally fell in love with all the beautiful scenarios they have, I would love to live in some place like that. By the way, we were using for the first time my new lens (50mm f/1.8) that I got for christmas (Yayyyy!).
I wore my gray jeans with my black ankle studded boots and a printed-vintage-alike shirt with my beloved oxblood coat. Also I used my chain-braid necklace under the shirt collar to spice it a little bit.


Creamy Sunset | Outfit

6 ene. 2013

I was feeling really sick, that's why I haven't post a lot of looks, I was all day at bed with my PJ's re watching Gossip Girl and working on the new layout (Tell me what do you think about it!). But this day I had a little date with my ex boyfriend so I dress up a little. I don't know what is going on with me, but I am in love of monochromatic looks, I just adore them, so this time I choose everything in light beige to match.

The trench coat I bought it from Fake Leather's closet and I just love it, it is really pretty and girly, the color is amazing, but it is not very warm so I had to wear 2 long sleeves shirts! I used my beloved nude heels, my white purse and my cute slim rings to give it the final touch. What do you think? Do you like it?


My slim rings | Obsession

5 ene. 2013

Here are some of my favorite slim rings, I got them all from the AVON catalog and recently I have been looking for some more at Forever 21 or Clair's, but I haven't been lucky, the styles are not cute or chic and the price is too high for a single ring (considering the store it comes from).

If you know where else I can find cute little slim rings let me know please. Also, this past few days I am getting obsessed with bracelets and I am not sure if I like being obsessed with them, I don't know how to use them I get bored very quickly and I lost them easily (I have lost more bracelets than rings) so, let's see, for now I just order 2 crosses from a local store in Tijuana and I will be looking for new baby rings.