New look 2013 | Outfit

29 ene. 2013

New semester = new look. You know how much I love doing things to my hair, I just can't stand with the same hairstyle for more than 7 months I like to change and try new things. This time I went back to bangs and I got my hair shorter and without layers and I dye it with a dark burgundy color. What do you think?

This look is from last monday! I wore a lot of colors this day to bright up my day and because I love those green pants and I have never used them with other colors and this time I used a Brown blazer and a bright blue scarf (from my moms closet). And my super comfy brown loafers, that I have been using a lot!

I am sorry I know I've been MIA but there was a lot going on in my life, I almost closed the blog but then I realized that is one of the few things I actually know I will have forever. My relationship with my ex boyfriend ended very bad, I found about a lot of lies and cheating and really ugly stuff, and well, I was quite depressed, but at the end of the day just a few things can last forever. I am just waiting for the day I will be able to forgive him and move on. In the mean time I just have to continue with my life and do my best to be happy again.


Te sigo :) me gusta mucho tu blog !!!

ademas podre leerte en ingles, eso me ayudara a aprenderlo un poco mas !

un beso desde Francia