Oxblood and boots | Outfit

11 ene. 2013

I have been feeling way better and now I do go out from my house to see the world. This time I went to San Diego with one of my cousins, because she is moving for a educational exchange in the city, I didn't actually planned on taking photos of the outfit or anything but we passed by this beautiful neighborhood and she asked me to take the pictures.

I totally fell in love with all the beautiful scenarios they have, I would love to live in some place like that. By the way, we were using for the first time my new lens (50mm f/1.8) that I got for christmas (Yayyyy!).
I wore my gray jeans with my black ankle studded boots and a printed-vintage-alike shirt with my beloved oxblood coat. Also I used my chain-braid necklace under the shirt collar to spice it a little bit.


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