My Puppies | Diary

14 ene. 2013

Honestly I wasn't that into animals (any kind of them) until this little pair of puppies came into my life. They names are Peanuts and Carlota, the babies of my house, yesterday I was playing with them and I decide to take them some pictures, just to have a record of them.

When my little sister got her first baby dog (The white one, he's 1 year and a half old) I was against having a dog on the house, but with the time I started falling in love with him, he es really cute and obedient, he loves to play 'catch' with me and he is always excited when someone of us came home. I know he looks weird kind of ugly but he is the most lovely dog I have ever met. I love the way he plays with the little one, he's always taking care of her and I find that really charming.
Then one of my aunts gave my mom the little chihuahua (she's 3 months old) she is a really playful, she's always running around the house and making us scratch her belly. Now I can't imagine my day without playing with them or just making fun of their little noses. I am not an animal lover jet but this little two have softened my heart. Aren't the super cute?


ooooowwww mis amorecitossss, SI LOS KIEREES!!!!!!! Adorablesss simplemente adorable