310813 | Playlist

31 ago. 2013

The first song was the one the university team used to welcome us, it was the first chilean song I heard (knowing it was chilean). The others two songs I got them listening a San Diego's radio station online. And I have to say I'm becoming addict to Silversun Pickups, I totally love the voice of the singer.

Not a lot of new music, I've been watching a lot of T.V. lately with the roommies and listening to songs we all know to sing along while we do our homework or some house cleaning.


Valparaíso Photo Trip | Diary

30 ago. 2013

Last monday I had the opportunity to make a little trip to Valparaíso, to make a practice of my Photography class. Our teacher told us he wanted us to see the city differently, he wanted us to take photos to the people, to the souls, he was teaching us how to see things.
I really liked it, going around the streets trying to get a real story in one shot, kind of stalking everyone and imagining what they were thinking or their next move.

You can see more photos of Valparaíso HERE

I did enjoy the focus of this trip, and even though we had to do the assignment, we also took some time to walk around and be tourists.
The three pictures I'm showing you guys are the ones I chose to present in class, we had to select out 3 favorites and then our classmates were going to vote for the best.
I'm really glad I did this trip because now I'm starting to look things differently, always looking for spaces that can work as a location for some films or photo shoots.


White Zebras | Outfit

29 ago. 2013

This is probably the most risky outfit I've posted on the blog. I used it on a night out with some friends and I decided to submit it as an entry for the New York Fashion Week Contest at lookbook.nu since it's something I'd wear on a fashion event.

I'm wearing a top from MexicanFashion Clothes, with a cool zebra print that represents a very popular activity in my hometown. In some of the main streets of Tijuana, there are donkeys painted as zebras for tourists to take pictures with them.
I think this is my first time wearing a solid white clothing, which was scary mainly because I'm not careful enough to use those colors on a normal basis, and even worse at a party! The heels are my roommate's. I would like to thank her because she's been really helpful, taking the pictures and helping me with my looks.

What do you think, is it too much? What would do you use to go to a fashion event?


Litoral central trip | Diary

28 ago. 2013

I decided to make a video just for fun, this time I wanted to make this trip a little more intimate and share with you guys the emotions and the beautiful scenarios.
I did took some photos, you can take a look HERE

I have to say that I'm falling in love with all of this, every day I get to know something new or to see a different part of the city, a different view of the Andes or I get to know another person; makes me confirm that the fight of coming to Chile has been one of the better decisions I have made in my life.
Enjoy! No regrets!

Week Four | Chile Diary

26 ago. 2013

19/08/13 - 25/08/13

This week was pretty good, I cooked a lot and went clubbing with my friends
Also we had a field trip to Litoral Central to get to know a little bit more about the Chilean culture and to see the amazingly beautiful scenarios Chile has to offer.

During the week it was all normal and calm, you know, school, homework, sleeping, and eating, I don't do a lot because I have my own responsibilities, but the amazing thing about my school schedule is that I don't have classes on thursday, and in Chile the really big crazy parties are on wednesday is called "Miércoles Po" and I get to go all the time, this past theme was 'snow' and they painted our faces with some neon designs it was really fun.

Also I noticed that this week I did my food almost everyday, I didn't went out for lunch or meal, all week I ate chicken with something like rice, beans or salad.
And last but not least I went with my friends into a trip to Maipu, pomaire and Isla Negra.

And lastly, I dye my hair, I didn't attached photos because my rommies are helping me with that while I am writing this, but is a color I have never tried! Stay tunned!

Have fun and enjoy life!


Sweet Flowers | Outfit

25 ago. 2013

Honestly I was never against flower crowns, but I never used them because they seemed 'too much' for me, so when I found this little cute design with pink roses, I wanted it immediately.
Also, you know my obsession for skirts, and this one has become one of my favorites, love the color and the Hawaiian-like print.

Finally the weather is being a little more friendly and now I am able to show my legs, but there is not enough sun yet to use only a top, so I put on my boy best friend's Zara Jacket to create a more effortless look but still warm.


Plaids Trend | Fashion

24 ago. 2013

Plaid certainly isn’t a new trend for the season. It comes back into style every year. Honestly I'm not sure since when I started liking plaids, but now I'm loving the effortless details plaid add to the outfits and I can't wait to get one top.

I love the mix with leather and bold metallic accents, I believe everyone needs a plaid shirt as the new denim top for this next season. I find amazing the combination of a plaid skirt with a denim top and well, it can't get any more simple than tying your favorite plaid shirt around your waist! Or as a oversize piece to give grunge touch to your look.


Room tour | Chile Diary

23 ago. 2013

I really fell in love with the apartment we got at Chile, so I wanted to make a room tour and show you guys my half of the master bedroom (I share room with Elena, my classmate from México).
Even though I'm only going to be here for 6 months I wanted to make my room really personal, give it a little warm up, to feel it more like home.

First of all, the room is way bigger than the one I have at México, and the way it is organized makes it looks like a room from a hotel, so I wanted to give it some home-alike details.
First the little silver platter with my beloved rings (which my roommates hate, because I leave them everywhere). And then the little flower vase, with the tablecloth and my flower crown, it gives a really nice feminine touch to the room.

Then I bought the hooks to hang my necklaces, and I feel it adds a nice touch to the room, like a piece of art hanging out in the wall, I totally love it (when I'm back I'll do the same at my room). The room already had the bureau with the big mirror and as you can see I don't like having a lot of things on the top of it. Inside I have my make up, some papers and girl stuff. Another part that I like about this room is the closet, even though it is really empty, I like the structure and the color.
Bigger details as the big windows, the wide closets (There are two, one for each girl), the bathroom with the tub and the amazing big bed with white covers.


Aztec Print | Outfit

22 ago. 2013

Finally sunny days, so I can wear skirts! In my attempt to make my wardrobe look different and trying a new style, I came out with this formal look with a not-so-formal print, from a top I bought at Cancún a year ago.

I liked the combination of the colors and the textures of the blazer, you can't really see it in the pictures, but it has some leather details in the neckline.
Also, I've been using a lot my beloved cross ring, I think it looks so chic and edgy at the same time, I love it! How's the weather at your city? I'm getting use to visit weather.com every morning and then plan my outfit in like 5 minutes! How do you deal with weather?


Week Three | Chile Diary

21 ago. 2013

12/08/13 - 18/08/13

I can't believe it has been less than a month, I really feel like I have been here for months! Well, at least this week was really calm, normal, like if I have been here forever.
I had my first earthquake while I was at a party with my friends I met at Perú, I gotta say it was funny, but I got really scared.

School is amazing! I totally love my classes! Also my schedule is really friendly with my sleep and my night-outs!
I didn't take a lot of pictures this week, I'm not sure why. The week it was all about the classes, and spending time with the roommies, but we had a day off from school because of some Chilean holiday, so I went to a party with my Chilean friends and in the weekend we went to the Costanera Center, that is the biggest Mall from all Latinamerica.
And this weekend the boys went to a trip to the southern Chile and Elena and I were all alone for the weekend so invited some friends to make some food and have a nice time.


Follow Me, Photo Diary | File

17 ago. 2013

I have always wanted to keep some kind of photo journal. I tried it once, but it was really difficult to carry my camera everywhere, some days I just forgot about it or the day was pretty boring to even try.
One day I was searching at the #travel hashtag and I find this amazing travel-journal called #FollowMeTo. Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer, who by accident ended up doing a photo journal of his girlfriend pulling him to 'x' amount of places.

He says that it all started one day that his girlfriend was getting mad because he was stopping everywhere to take photos, so she pulled him the instant he was taking a photo and was then when he decided to make it a journal.

You can see Murad's instagram HERE

I'm not a big fan of the editing of the photos, but I have to admit I find it romantic they are traveling around the world together, hand by hand, I love it!
After researching more about them them, I started finding another ideas, video, vlogs and more things liked, and that and I have decided I'm going to make my own version of them. I still have no clue about how, where or when, but I really want to make something with all the memories I'm creating here.


Week two | Chile Diary

15 ago. 2013

05/08/13 - 11/08/13

This week was all about settling down, I had to choose my courses and get ready to start classes. I spent a lot of time with my roommates, looking for supermarkets, buying food and learning how to use a lot of the appliances we have at home. I definitely felt like a grown up this week, doing grocery shopping, washing the clothes for everyone and planning the things we were going to cook.

I didn't do a lot this week, I spent most of my time doing stuff for school, or paper work.I enrolled in school, my classes seemed really interesting and the teachers too. I'm going to take 4 courses; Photography Workshop, Film Workshop, 3D Tools and Special Effects Workshop. I am really excited to start my classes and do a lot of projects, meet my classmates and of course, learn a lot!

Also we had a Walking Tour around Santiago's Historical Center, we visited a lot of museums and we got to know a lot of local people and learn a little bit more about the lifestyle. I've been here for 2 - 3 weeks, and I have to say, this is an amazing-strange experience where I have learned a lot about myself. I have detected some things I want to change and I'm pretty sure I will.


Little bit of sun | Outfit

13 ago. 2013

And one magic day I woke up, and the sun was touching my skin, the room was warm and the sky was bright blue. I decided to wear a skirt in honor of the amazing weather (sadly, it only lasted one day).

I love to create casual/formal looks, just like this, I could add a blazer, and in an instant I have a nice comfortable but still formal enough look to be on a business meeting or in a presentation.
I haven't shown a lot this sweater, but I have to confess I use it a lot, I think I have over used it, but I love the knitted-a-like print I can match it with a lot of things and is light enough for summer, but it covers for light winter. Also I have a new collection of necklaces, this one is one of my favorites.


Stripes Trend | Fashion

10 ago. 2013

While the north hemisphere is getting ready to welcome the trends for the fall-winter season (Which I have to admit are always my favorites), I'm already living in a very deep winter.
Thought I didn't wanted to miss the strips trend, which has been strongly present this year. At first I tough it wouldn't last, but as te months passed by, it only got stronger and stronger.

From horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black and white or in living color, stripes is one of the most stable trends I can name from the first half of 2013. I'm wondering if they will continue existing next season and also I'm really expecting them to came down to the south hemisphere next summer-spring season.
Since they appeared this year with the "BeetleJuice Pants" I fell secretly in love with the trend, then I started seeing some circle skirts (Which is another trend I really want to talk about), some tops and even in jackets I knew they were going to stay with us for a long time.
We all know that the marine style has always been in our closets, for that emergency day. Stripes make a graphic statement, day or night, the secret is to create an hourglass shape. You can pair stripes with solid-colored pieces that focus attention on your one statement piece, and in a second you will have an amazingly chic look, or you can add a little bit of dark and leather to create a very rocker effortless look.


New beginnings | Outfit

8 ago. 2013

My first visit to my new alma mater. I was (actually, I still am) extremely excited about this new opportunity to learn, to become a better person and to have a lot of amazing adventures!

Well, I don't even want to talk about Chile's weather. Remember I was always saying "I love winter, cold is my favorite weather"?, now I am really thinking about it, somedays we wake up with -4Cº and it only increases at 7 or 8 degrees, it is crazy!
Because I had to pay extra money for extra luggage I only carried one suitcase, so my closet is going through a hard time, I hope I can save some money to buy new clothes while I'm here! As well as shoes, I only got to bring 2 high heels and some boots!
For my first day of course I wanted to be comfortable and as fashionable as possible, but to be honest I only chose the thickest clothes I could find, I was totally freezing!