Week Three | Chile Diary

21 ago. 2013

12/08/13 - 18/08/13

I can't believe it has been less than a month, I really feel like I have been here for months! Well, at least this week was really calm, normal, like if I have been here forever.
I had my first earthquake while I was at a party with my friends I met at Perú, I gotta say it was funny, but I got really scared.

School is amazing! I totally love my classes! Also my schedule is really friendly with my sleep and my night-outs!
I didn't take a lot of pictures this week, I'm not sure why. The week it was all about the classes, and spending time with the roommies, but we had a day off from school because of some Chilean holiday, so I went to a party with my Chilean friends and in the weekend we went to the Costanera Center, that is the biggest Mall from all Latinamerica.
And this weekend the boys went to a trip to the southern Chile and Elena and I were all alone for the weekend so invited some friends to make some food and have a nice time.