Follow Me, Photo Diary | File

17 ago. 2013

I have always wanted to keep some kind of photo journal. I tried it once, but it was really difficult to carry my camera everywhere, some days I just forgot about it or the day was pretty boring to even try.
One day I was searching at the #travel hashtag and I find this amazing travel-journal called #FollowMeTo. Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer, who by accident ended up doing a photo journal of his girlfriend pulling him to 'x' amount of places.

He says that it all started one day that his girlfriend was getting mad because he was stopping everywhere to take photos, so she pulled him the instant he was taking a photo and was then when he decided to make it a journal.

You can see Murad's instagram HERE

I'm not a big fan of the editing of the photos, but I have to admit I find it romantic they are traveling around the world together, hand by hand, I love it!
After researching more about them them, I started finding another ideas, video, vlogs and more things liked, and that and I have decided I'm going to make my own version of them. I still have no clue about how, where or when, but I really want to make something with all the memories I'm creating here.



Oh, I saw these photos a lot of times, but I didn't know that photographer is actually Russian!
You have a great blog, just followed you with bloglovin... I hope you can check mine and probably follow back xoxo from Russia!