White Zebras | Outfit

29 ago. 2013

This is probably the most risky outfit I've posted on the blog. I used it on a night out with some friends and I decided to submit it as an entry for the New York Fashion Week Contest at lookbook.nu since it's something I'd wear on a fashion event.

I'm wearing a top from MexicanFashion Clothes, with a cool zebra print that represents a very popular activity in my hometown. In some of the main streets of Tijuana, there are donkeys painted as zebras for tourists to take pictures with them.
I think this is my first time wearing a solid white clothing, which was scary mainly because I'm not careful enough to use those colors on a normal basis, and even worse at a party! The heels are my roommate's. I would like to thank her because she's been really helpful, taking the pictures and helping me with my looks.

What do you think, is it too much? What would do you use to go to a fashion event?