Perú express | Diary

2 ago. 2013

People is always making fun of my "bad luck", and sometimes I do complain about it, but at the end of the day, having 'bad luck' has given me the most wonderful adventures!

In this occasion after leaving D.F. I took my plane to continue with my trip to Chile, but, I had to make a scale at Perú, it was all as planned, but then a lady from the airline said: "We have to inform you that we have more passengers than the ones we can transport, Miss Luisa, (and then they named another 6 passengers) please come to the gate 17"

Of course at first I was extremely confused and afraid, but then the lady explained to us that they were going to gave us a 250 dlls boucher, a night in a 5 starts hotel and all the meals and transportation for free at Perú, and the next day we were going to be on the next plane at the same hour.
That was incredible! As surreal as all this change of life was, now I got to experience a new-random-5 starts night at Perú, and well, we were all almost the same age, and lucky for me, one of the boys had a Peruvian friend, so he took us into a fast-express trip around the city, oh! And they were on Peruvian Holidays so, the city was throwing a big patriotic party!

I'm having the time of my life and that's not good or bad luck, I earned it and now I am enjoying all my hard work!
I just want to say, never be afraid of your destiny or of the "bad" things, you never now where your 'bad luck' can take you next!

Honestly one of the best things that ever happened to me, thanks to my 'bad luck' as people like to call it. I got to know a little bit of Perú, I ate a lot of good stuff and I made 5 new friends, so once again thank you fate!


Es la estrella con la que naciste, que "mala suerte" ni que nada, no sabes el gusto que me dan tus aventuras :)