Room tour | Chile Diary

23 ago. 2013

I really fell in love with the apartment we got at Chile, so I wanted to make a room tour and show you guys my half of the master bedroom (I share room with Elena, my classmate from México).
Even though I'm only going to be here for 6 months I wanted to make my room really personal, give it a little warm up, to feel it more like home.

First of all, the room is way bigger than the one I have at México, and the way it is organized makes it looks like a room from a hotel, so I wanted to give it some home-alike details.
First the little silver platter with my beloved rings (which my roommates hate, because I leave them everywhere). And then the little flower vase, with the tablecloth and my flower crown, it gives a really nice feminine touch to the room.

Then I bought the hooks to hang my necklaces, and I feel it adds a nice touch to the room, like a piece of art hanging out in the wall, I totally love it (when I'm back I'll do the same at my room). The room already had the bureau with the big mirror and as you can see I don't like having a lot of things on the top of it. Inside I have my make up, some papers and girl stuff. Another part that I like about this room is the closet, even though it is really empty, I like the structure and the color.
Bigger details as the big windows, the wide closets (There are two, one for each girl), the bathroom with the tub and the amazing big bed with white covers.


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The room is beautiful and looks really cosy. Hope you'll have there a lot of great days and nights!