New beginnings | Outfit

8 ago. 2013

My first visit to my new alma mater. I was (actually, I still am) extremely excited about this new opportunity to learn, to become a better person and to have a lot of amazing adventures!

Well, I don't even want to talk about Chile's weather. Remember I was always saying "I love winter, cold is my favorite weather"?, now I am really thinking about it, somedays we wake up with -4Cº and it only increases at 7 or 8 degrees, it is crazy!
Because I had to pay extra money for extra luggage I only carried one suitcase, so my closet is going through a hard time, I hope I can save some money to buy new clothes while I'm here! As well as shoes, I only got to bring 2 high heels and some boots!
For my first day of course I wanted to be comfortable and as fashionable as possible, but to be honest I only chose the thickest clothes I could find, I was totally freezing!


dont be such a puss! hay paises mas frio... ;)