Brand New | Closet

31 may. 2013

Lately I have been really obsessed with white/transparent framed sunglasses, but I didn't had the time to buy them, so I order them from E-bay. And when I was taking the pictures of the sunnies, I realized I didn't show you the stuff I got from my B-day, so I decided to shoot the shoes too!

I got this amazing pair of sunnies, they seem very different but very alike at the same time. From the heart-shaped I like the transparent frame, I feel like that adds a little bit of formality to the sun glasses(similar here), and from the other pair I love the color and the vintage look from the half-frame(similar here).

And, well as I told you I got this amazing heels as a B-day gift! I am very happy because for a weird reason I didn't had a black pair of heels, so I got two of them, the first pair were the studded ones, I didn't even have to explain why, they are beyond amazing. Then I bought the metal toecap heels, which I have to admit I was dying for them since a long time ago! And then I decided to find the heels version of the LBD, and there they are, perfect as only shoes can be. What do you think of my new babies?

I am not an active 'online buyer' but I really want to be, it's amazing all the discounts and amazing stuff you can find with lower prices and even cuter than at stores, and well for me the biggest advantage is that I don't have to move from my desktop, even though I love to go shopping, some times you just can't go because of your work, school or because the stores are far away from you. Sadly in my case, apply the three of them.

I am trying to be a little more involved in this area, so I was reading some online shopping blogs last week and I found another page with amazing discounts for Mexican Girls: CuponesMágicos, you have to clic it and see the great discounts, it's a really good way to start shopping online! They are very convincing

What do you think about online shopping? Do you have any recommendation for me?

Pencil Skirt | Fashion

30 may. 2013

Nothing is sexier than a pair of legs in heels walking down the street, and for this, the fashion world brought skirts. This season, mini skirts remain safely stored in our closets to give permission for our body to be shaped by the 'H Line', thanks to the pencil skirts.

Personally, I find pencil skirts sexier than mini skirts. They frame the waist, enhance the hips and allows us to achieve a balanced structure with our shoulders, adding a touch of mystery and elegance to our look.

This season, pencil skirt returns renewed and with more versatility than ever. The streets are starting to see the new proposals of this amazing piece; from Baroque finishes, lace, color block or even leather. With them, you can achieve thousands of looks: from minimalist-chic with a crop top, to a more relaxed style combining it with a sweatshirt or the classic-executive look with a blazer.

This Skirt is back as equally sensual and elegant as ever, resuming its position as an essential item in any woman's closet. So, what do you say? Do you have your own already?, it is time to think about your style and the thousands of combinations and occasions in which this wonderful piece can be part of your summer.


Normal day | Diary

28 may. 2013

Well, guess what? It's finals week! YAY! Ok not. The next two weeks I will be focused in my school projects and some other projects I haven't tell you because they are secret (Muahaha), but soon you will know a little bit more. For now, if I go M.I.A. now you know why.

This time I made a post with a normal outfit, how I look everyday at school, in this times I wear jeans and some flats or boots, my beloved oversized tops and usually I don't even do my hair because I prefer to sleep. Hope you are doing well with your projects, work or homework, and for now in my free time I am already making plans for the summer! I can't wait to be on vacations, I really need them! Maybe my friends and I will have another road-trip!


270513 | Playlist

27 may. 2013

Mika is one of my favorite singers since I was in Middle School, and once in a while I get obsessed with a different song from him. Also I've been loving Daft Punk's new album, but when I saw that there was a song featuring Julian Casablancas I fell in total love, that song is perfection. And last but not least, Atlas Genius which was quite a surprise I believed that they were going to be a "One hit wonder" but their music is actually really good.

Lately I have been listening music all day long, no matter what, at work my partners are tired of listening to the same songs and my friends actually hate this songs, I'm pretty obsessive when I like a song, I can listen it all day clicking replay like if there were no tomorrow.


Red touch | Outfit

24 may. 2013

I love contrasts, being a graphic designer you learn to appreciate colors, textures and contrasts, this time I wore black, gray and red wanting to make a 'rocker' outfit, because even if it doesn't look like, I just love grounge/rocker style, spikes are my weakness and well, black is like the best color for me.

I bought this amazing heels for my birthday, they are amazingly comfortable, the only problem is that when I cross my legs the spikes pinch my ancles, it is funny. Besides that I totally love them! How is your almost summer going? At my city weather is crazier than ever, one week is raining and freezing and the next one we are melting, I am really scared because of that, global warming is bigger every day.

The blog is turning 3 years old in few weeks! I am really excited! Wait for the photo shoot and for a little surprise I'm planning!


Free Spirit | Photography

21 may. 2013

"I am a wandering soul, trapped in a girl. Wanting to give all the love she’s got and prove to the world what she is not. I want to fly free, but this world has got me running around in mental circles wearing a flower crown."

A new photo shoot I had last week with one of my school friends.

Clic here to see more.

Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag

19 may. 2013

Jac from Don't touch my tutu tagged me at the Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag.

1) Follow and link up the person who tagged you
2) Answer the questions on greed, wrath, gluttony, sloth, pride, lust and envy.
3) Tag as many people as you wish! Be sure to let them know!
4) Let the person who tagged you know that you did the tag by linking up in the comments!

Keep reading to know my answers and see the list of bloggers I tagged!

Greed - What is your most expensive beauty item?
I don't think a have a really expensive item.

Wrath - Which beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
One of my eyeliners, some days it looks good and stays and the other it makes me look like a raccoon.

Gluttony - What brand makes up the biggest chunk of your make up collection?
Maybelline or L'oreal.

Sloth - What product do you neglect to use due to laziness?
I think eyeshadows, because it takes a lot of time. Or lipstick because it is really easy to mess up.

Pride - Which beauty product gives you the most confidence?
Sadly concealer, because it helps my skin to look better.

Lust - Which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?
The Naked Palettes, even if I'm not going to really use them.

Envy - What make up product/look is great on other but not on yourself?
Eyeliner, I love how 'cat eyeliner' looks on everybody, but I just can't use it because of the shape of my eyes.

People I tagged!
Nataly from Nataly's Glamour amour
Cheyenne from DIXIELU
Thania from TSG Fashion & Lifestyle
Natalia from Natalia's Makeup Corner
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Daisy from The Mandarine Girl
Annie from Andrómeda by Andrea
And anyone else who wants to participate!


Black and white and fur | Outfit

15 may. 2013

Ok, so it's official, summer is all over the city. This time I decided -once again- to go black and white, adding a little texture with the fur vest, which I have to say from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. was the biggest mistake, I was melting! My favorite part of this outfit were my new heels, finally I got a black pair of shoes, and I love them!

I'm getting ready for a lot of changes, but I can't say a lot yet. I'm planning my next tattoo, as you can see in the photos I have to cut my hair and I really want to buy new clothes. For now, I have to pass this semester with a good grade and then we will know. Next week is finals week, wish me luck!


Sweet Summer | Outfits

12 may. 2013

I am a hater, summer is definitely the worst season for me, the polen, the bugs and the crazy wet/dry weather, agh, I hate it. But somedays I wake up with this I-love-summer-feeling and I take advantage of that! This time I decided to wear a light blue maxi dress with a beige vest (because it was quite cold in the morning) and my lovely rose-gold heels.

I have been working a lot in some school projects and at my new office, I haven't been able to do some photo shoots and honestly that makes me a little sad, but I am really excited because I am learning a lot of new things, a lot of things that I love and will help me to get what I want. Also, some really good news have been hitting on my door, everything is getting better, I can't wait to tell you more!


MET Gala 2013 | Fashion

10 may. 2013

Here are my favorites from the night, I have a weakness for puffy and princess-alike dresses, I just love every opportunity to dress up like a princess, I mean, you can always dress up, you can always look fabulous, but the opportunities to actually wear a fancy dress are really short.

Like the at the Oscars the second most important thing of the night of the MET Gala is the Red Carpet. This year I don't have any idea of what the stylists were thinking, it was really difficult to me to find something I like. This was a crazy year for the MET Gala. I have to be honest since I know about it, attending to the MET Gala and walk that Red Carpet is one of my dreams, hopefully I will be able to do that one day.


Black and Blue | Outfit

7 may. 2013

A comfy and quick outfit. I totally love oversized tops even though they are not the best for me because of my body type, I feel really comfortable and 'free' wearing them. Oversized tops are my confort zone in fashion.

While I am trying to wear more colors, still kind of difficult because my wardrobe is growing up in baby steps, so, sometimes I have to stick with what I have and go full black all day. And well, the good part is that I have a few colorful heels that help me to give a little touch of color to my outfits.

P.S. If you are a shoe-lover like me and you understand spanish I totally recommend you this site, you can learn a lot of things about shoes and find all about the new trends: zapachic


Cara Delevingne | File

5 may. 2013

Let me introduce you my model crush, I know she is quite every where right now, "even in the soup", but there is something about this girl that I just adore. I am obsessed with Cara Delevingne’s brows, her face is really beautiful and she have this "I don't give a F*" atitude that I just find very interesting, she doesn't even need to work so she does it just for fun and because she love it. Even though her biggest dream is/was to be an actress.

The world of fashion has become way too serious these days. It's all about image, I think Cara couldn't care less. One look at her Twitter and Instagram accounts will tell you all you need to know. She is routinely sharing photos of herself in big furry animal onesies or making funny faces. She is a breath of fresh air in a world where things have become a bit stuffy. She's shaking things up and she's pulling in all generations as a support network.

You better love her because she is not going anywhere anytime soon.


My tattoos | Diary

2 may. 2013

If you follow Green's life diary's Facebook Page you may already know about them, I decided to get 3 tattoos for my birthday.

Honestly is quite frustrating that people is always asking "Why?" and well, they have their own explanation but the main reason is just because I wanted, because I like them and because I can. I don't think you have to give explanations about what you do with your body.

The star represents one of my friends from Middle School who died 4 years ago.
The heart is to remind myself that love is everywhere.
The NYC skyline is because we’re inevitable.
Yes, it hurts. And I have a long list of tattoos waiting to be on my body...


Happy Bday to me | Outfit

1 may. 2013

I am 21 years old! How cool is that? As I told you before I did my bday-shopping spree but my biggest gifts this year were my first tattoos!

Time goes really fast, is time to get crazy and live the life you want for yourself. No time to look back; is here and now. This year my birthday was really different, I am in a middle of a huge transition and things are not in my full control anymore, but that's ok. I am letting my life go with the flow, but of course taking care of the path my life is taking.

This year I decided to wear a 'girly' outfit, with soft and nice colors and of course a beautiful pair of heels. I got this whole outfit 2 days ago and I wasn't really sure about it, I am not use to wear those kind of shades, but it ended up really well, I really like them and I honestly feel like a girly girl.