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27 may. 2013

Mika is one of my favorite singers since I was in Middle School, and once in a while I get obsessed with a different song from him. Also I've been loving Daft Punk's new album, but when I saw that there was a song featuring Julian Casablancas I fell in total love, that song is perfection. And last but not least, Atlas Genius which was quite a surprise I believed that they were going to be a "One hit wonder" but their music is actually really good.

Lately I have been listening music all day long, no matter what, at work my partners are tired of listening to the same songs and my friends actually hate this songs, I'm pretty obsessive when I like a song, I can listen it all day clicking replay like if there were no tomorrow.


daft has been one of my crushes too
amazing for drinks om hot nights hehe

Love ♥ TSG


If so, Love that song! <3

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