Cara Delevingne | File

5 may. 2013

Let me introduce you my model crush, I know she is quite every where right now, "even in the soup", but there is something about this girl that I just adore. I am obsessed with Cara Delevingne’s brows, her face is really beautiful and she have this "I don't give a F*" atitude that I just find very interesting, she doesn't even need to work so she does it just for fun and because she love it. Even though her biggest dream is/was to be an actress.

The world of fashion has become way too serious these days. It's all about image, I think Cara couldn't care less. One look at her Twitter and Instagram accounts will tell you all you need to know. She is routinely sharing photos of herself in big furry animal onesies or making funny faces. She is a breath of fresh air in a world where things have become a bit stuffy. She's shaking things up and she's pulling in all generations as a support network.

You better love her because she is not going anywhere anytime soon.


i love that girl, her eyebrows, the way she is, totally crazy!

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