Brand New | Closet

31 may. 2013

Lately I have been really obsessed with white/transparent framed sunglasses, but I didn't had the time to buy them, so I order them from E-bay. And when I was taking the pictures of the sunnies, I realized I didn't show you the stuff I got from my B-day, so I decided to shoot the shoes too!

I got this amazing pair of sunnies, they seem very different but very alike at the same time. From the heart-shaped I like the transparent frame, I feel like that adds a little bit of formality to the sun glasses(similar here), and from the other pair I love the color and the vintage look from the half-frame(similar here).

And, well as I told you I got this amazing heels as a B-day gift! I am very happy because for a weird reason I didn't had a black pair of heels, so I got two of them, the first pair were the studded ones, I didn't even have to explain why, they are beyond amazing. Then I bought the metal toecap heels, which I have to admit I was dying for them since a long time ago! And then I decided to find the heels version of the LBD, and there they are, perfect as only shoes can be. What do you think of my new babies?

I am not an active 'online buyer' but I really want to be, it's amazing all the discounts and amazing stuff you can find with lower prices and even cuter than at stores, and well for me the biggest advantage is that I don't have to move from my desktop, even though I love to go shopping, some times you just can't go because of your work, school or because the stores are far away from you. Sadly in my case, apply the three of them.

I am trying to be a little more involved in this area, so I was reading some online shopping blogs last week and I found another page with amazing discounts for Mexican Girls: CuponesMágicos, you have to clic it and see the great discounts, it's a really good way to start shopping online! They are very convincing

What do you think about online shopping? Do you have any recommendation for me?