Normal day | Diary

28 may. 2013

Well, guess what? It's finals week! YAY! Ok not. The next two weeks I will be focused in my school projects and some other projects I haven't tell you because they are secret (Muahaha), but soon you will know a little bit more. For now, if I go M.I.A. now you know why.

This time I made a post with a normal outfit, how I look everyday at school, in this times I wear jeans and some flats or boots, my beloved oversized tops and usually I don't even do my hair because I prefer to sleep. Hope you are doing well with your projects, work or homework, and for now in my free time I am already making plans for the summer! I can't wait to be on vacations, I really need them! Maybe my friends and I will have another road-trip!


Lovely outfit! Your hair is so cute!

Great outfit! Love the shoes <3

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Hi dear!
You are look great! (:
I follow you via GFC and Bloglovin.
You would made my day if you follow me back <3
Have a nice day xoxo