Happy Bday to me | Outfit

1 may. 2013

I am 21 years old! How cool is that? As I told you before I did my bday-shopping spree but my biggest gifts this year were my first tattoos!

Time goes really fast, is time to get crazy and live the life you want for yourself. No time to look back; is here and now. This year my birthday was really different, I am in a middle of a huge transition and things are not in my full control anymore, but that's ok. I am letting my life go with the flow, but of course taking care of the path my life is taking.

This year I decided to wear a 'girly' outfit, with soft and nice colors and of course a beautiful pair of heels. I got this whole outfit 2 days ago and I wasn't really sure about it, I am not use to wear those kind of shades, but it ended up really well, I really like them and I honestly feel like a girly girl.