Art Walk 2013 | Art

29 abr. 2013

Thanks to my school I had the opportunity to travel to L.A. and be part of this year's Art Walk. I haven't been in touch with art since almost a year, with work I totally forget about it and it was a really cool to walk around the studios, take photos and ask like a thousands of times "What the hell where they thinking about?" I've had taken classes about modern art, in fact one of my favorite painters is Pollok, but there are some kind of artist I just can understand, I don't know if I am closed minded or something like that, but I just try and I don't find it attractive or interesting.

This year there was a zone of artist that I really loved, they worked like street/Social Protest art which I can say is my favorite type of art. Also there where a lot of photographers this year. Check out the photos from my FB Gallery and tell me what do you think about it! Which one is your favorite of my favorites?