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12 abr. 2013

I love changing my look, I usually do it twice a year because I get bored really easily and well, hair is always growing and I like to try new things.

Here is little timeline of my looks since I opened the blog. The first one was when I was 17 and I was in my last semester of high school. Then I decided to use bangs (it wasn't the 1st time I used it) and some red highlights, and of course I fell in love with red hair styles and I dyed all my hair red and stopped using the bangs.
Few months before I decided to go a little 'yolo' and cut off half of my hair, of course I got bored and my hair was really tired of all the bad treatment and I had to dye it black (my natural color) but I decided to do a little bit of ombre style just because I didn't wanted my hair to look boring. And this year I cut of my bangs again and shortened my hair, dye it dark-brown and it is actually getting better.

I really want to get my hair red again, but we will see, I don't know yet what is going to be my next look.


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