Color lines | Outfit

27 abr. 2013

Everything is going very well lately. I have something really big to tell you but I have to be real sure about it first. I have to admit I am excited as hell! Also I totally forgot to tell you about my new piercing (photo down there) and well, we are three days far for my birthday! Yay!

Being lines one of the new trends for spring-summer I decided to give them a chance and I got this cute color full tanktop with diagonal lines and I pair it with one of my favorite blazers. Also I am trying to not wear a lot of black or gray so I used my with pants and some old jeans wedges to give it a fun twist and make it less formal. What do you think, you like it?

I made a new feature/collaboration with Dsecuento México. You can see it HERE.

My new piercing!