Between the light.

28 jun. 2011


I like this blouse because is quite transparent (in the photos doesn't looks like) and every time that I use it I feel free and kind of hipster. I just bought the cross necklace and is nominated to be one of my favorites of the year. I dyed my hair again and in real life it looks more red, I don't understand whats going on with the camera that makes all look different.

I have taken random pictures, if you want to see a bit of my work you can go to:


Arte + Diseño

22 jun. 2011

What art can give to design? Do you think art = design? Why?

This is one of my second semester final projects from the subject : Contemprany styles.
What do you think?


Michael Kors Resort 2012

21 jun. 2011


I have a hate-love-hate relationship with summer, but definitly this is something about it that I love it. The collection mix: classic with a blast of neon colors and neoprene’s. I enjoyed some of the leather accessories like the harness-bag and the Yellow and black big dress.
Michael Kors collection rife with tank dresses cut to look like wetsuits, scuba-style utilty belts, and eveningwear with swimwear style cutouts. “James Bondi Girl!” “Surf Jackie!” “Urban Beach!” as each look came out. Acid green and hot pink panels stood out against black and white solids, while zebra print and gold boucle added a bit of sophisticated versatility to the mix.


Happy ending

18 jun. 2011


I've just finished my second semester. I'm really excited, I have a lot of projects in mind and I can't wait to go back to school and learn a lot of new things! The next semestrer is one of the most exciting in my career, because we use a lot of programs. I'm planning to buy my computer I want a MacBook Pro, and I also want the tablet for ilustration.
My life is going so well right now, I can't believe it. At home things are really relaxed, and I'm saving money for a lot of projects.

This pictures were taken by one of my best friends at one mall of tijuana. She like photography but she never try, and I get tired of telling her that if she doesn't try she will never know if she is good or not.

You have to fight for your dreams, they are not going to become true just by magic, you have to make them true. Don't be afraid, don't you want to say in ten years: "I made it"? In the beggining I was afraid of taking photos (still) but I learned that practicing I can get better and better, also, I like to read about photography and I make questions to other photographers. And I had the same feeling with design, with english, with dance, everything ... You have to try to be someone good, to become someone in the world and not just be aside and watch.


Expo Trashion 2011

2 jun. 2011

This was definitely my favorite, all made with presentation cards.

The girls from psychology at school make this eco-friendly fashion event every six months. This is the second time, and I have to say it was really good. I knew some of the models because I took photos of them last week (that's the secret proyect that is almost finished). 

It was all about ecology and fashion. There were five designers each one with a diffrent idea about fashion. Four of them tried to make clothes easy to wear and more wearable than the last one who tried to make the 'Haute couture' present in the fashion show. I will be honest, visualy the last designer made a better desition, but about selling and making a brand the other designers went to safer positions because made wearable clothes first, and then, tried with something more extravagant.

It was a good event. My boyfriend went with me and both took pictures of it, so, not all of the following photos are taken by me.