Expo Trashion 2011

2 jun. 2011

This was definitely my favorite, all made with presentation cards.

The girls from psychology at school make this eco-friendly fashion event every six months. This is the second time, and I have to say it was really good. I knew some of the models because I took photos of them last week (that's the secret proyect that is almost finished). 

It was all about ecology and fashion. There were five designers each one with a diffrent idea about fashion. Four of them tried to make clothes easy to wear and more wearable than the last one who tried to make the 'Haute couture' present in the fashion show. I will be honest, visualy the last designer made a better desition, but about selling and making a brand the other designers went to safer positions because made wearable clothes first, and then, tried with something more extravagant.

It was a good event. My boyfriend went with me and both took pictures of it, so, not all of the following photos are taken by me.



Looks amazing!

Jonna xx