Green varsity | Outfit

30 nov. 2012

New top, old jacket, new boots. It was very funny when I was planning this outfit, I have this little box full of stuff I don't want and most of the time we sell it, this jacket was there since 6 months ago, honestly I can't remember why I put it in there but when I was looking for something to use this green top I went running to see if the jacket still there. Lucky my!
Trends are really tricky, I remember last year when I bought it I was quite obsessed. For 6 months varsity jackets were off the map and now they are all in.
I was really happy with this look, I think is quite urban but still chic. And I was mad with my self and the horrible nightlight saving time, I can't take the pictures because it gets dark very early and in the morning I am working. I am trying to have some extra-time at lunch so we can take the pictures.
What do you think about the look, do you like it?


Playlist | 271112

28 nov. 2012

I'm in the final stretch of my semester (you can tell by the I'm in the final stretch of my semester (you can tell by the absence) this have been an exhausting semester, my classes were pretty hard, and being out for 2 weeks (at the beggining) and almost a month (when I was at Innovamoda) made it even harder. This songs are the ones that I used to keep me conscious at night. I replay them more than 20 times and I just don't get tired of them, I have to say I have been listening to really nice (and new for me) music thanks to my ex boyfriend, I've been posting some of my favorites on the facebook page. Almost a week and this semester is over, then vacations and guess what, I will not have a job (I quit) so next year I will be looking for a new start! Wish me luck!

Shoe Lover | Closet

27 nov. 2012

As some of you know, I went for the very first time to the Black Friday Sales, honestly it wasn't as crazy as I though or as my friends told me, and the specials... I don't know, I guess they were good.

I bought 6 pairs of shoes: 2 boots, 2 high heels and 2 moccasins (those, I have to say they are my favorite type of shoe this season). I am truly happy because I got exactly what I was looking for. I have been looking for long boots since they came out in Mexico, but, I have a big calf muscle and they never fit me right, well I finally found them! The ankle-boots, I saw them on the website and I knew they had to be mine. Also, I have been quite curious about animal print, and actually I was looking for a coat with this print but I don't think I am ready for that so I choose this amazing cheetah-moccasins, and I choose the another pair because I think they are really cute and I can wear them with almost everything. And last but not least: the pink-gold high heels (I fell in love with them when I saw Adriana from FAKE-LEATHER using them), honestly I wasn't looking for them at the store, but then a random girl passed me by with a pair of them and I went like crazy for my pair! And the camel-wood high heels, another coincidence I have to say, they were on sale that's the main reason why I bought them haha, also I love the heel and the texture of the fabric. Well, this babies are the newest on the closet and as always I am in love with all of them! I will upload the clothes very soon! What do you think? Do you like them?


Catwalk 2012 | Diary + Outfit

19 nov. 2012

I am very proud to say that this year have been very good with me. This time I had the opportunity to help in one of my favorite events in my city: Catwalk Tijuana. I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the staff as a backstage assistant, it was really good. What I loved the most, was that people who I admire recognized me from Innovamoda (I feel like a little girl), they actually know who I am, what I do and what I like, so that's pretty much one of the best feelings of the year. The event wasn't as crazy as Innovamoda, but of course we always do our best and at some point we started running, screaming and panicked. I couldn't take "in the making" pictures, because, well I was busy, so I took some from others instagrams.

The outfit was very confortable, quite girly and a little bit chic (because of the beautiful trench coat) I used for the very first time my ASOS skirt, and I have to say, I didn't love it. And last but not least, my amazing gold and beige pumps that, I have to admit, are the most confortable pair of shoes in my closet, so I was able to run like Forrest Gump all the time. Well, here is other to add to the list <3 More to come, please!

And because I was working, I send my beautiful reporter: Andrea Balcazar, to cover the event, so don't worry, we are going to have our usual post with pictures, critics and lots of love.


Blue riding hood | Outfit

15 nov. 2012

Not a lot going on here, I have a lot of homework that I left behind when I was at Tijuana Innovadora, plus I have a lot of things from school because is the end of the semester so finals are here so I will be a little off. Besides that I am working a lot to get more experience and equipment for the photo shoots.
As I say on my latest post I am getting obsessed with capes, this is my favorite one and I've been using it since I bought it, same old skirt, new bag and a new scarf. I am in the middle of a closet-crisis, I literally don't have more than 20 pieces of clothes, so I am saving money to go on the biggest shopping spree in my life on black friday. I am getting so excited about this holiday season! I can feel it already, we are less than a week far from thanksgiving! (My favorite holiday).

If you follow Green's Life Diary on Facebook you already know this, but if you don't well here it is for you! I have an special offer: 25% off in photo shoots! So, if you want one just send me a message to see what we can do!

Also I want to show you guys this amazing mexican page that I found recently: Dscuento México as the name says, in this page you can find a lot of web discounts on mexican stores. From free shipping to 50% off in selected items. You will love it! Go and check out their web or facebook page and fall in love with their offers, just like I did!


Autumn Leaves | Outfit

8 nov. 2012

It is official, autumn is here! Now I am more than sure that I love cold weathers, when I was at Cancun the weather was hot but ok, and I thought that I was accepting it, but NO! I love feeling my nose cold, I love to wear sweaters, capes, tights and boots. This is my official first autumn outfit. The weather is so lovely, you can use dresses without frizzing and sweaters without melting. This time I used this nude dress as a skirt, with my beloved color-block-cardigan and the cute purse NINETYONE gave me. I am starting to make this year's fall/winter closet, but with the time I've been learning how to buy clothes, what is important and how I can save a lot by purchasing the essentials and then the 'it' pieces that can make my closet timeless and trendy, honestly I have to thank 'FAKE-LEATHER' because I've learned a lot of her and her style. So this time I will only buy pieces that I can use a lot in different seasons, I am starting to get the 'Holidays feelings', starting with Thanksgivin' (My personal favorite) this have been a good year, let's close it as it deserves.

The Ninetyone giveaway winner is:

Thank you so much for participate! And wait for another giveaway, we have plenty of them to close the year!


Seminew | Closet

6 nov. 2012

I'm so happy! Autumn is finally here! I bought this from FAKE-LEATHER'S Closet and a local store from Tijuana (NINETYONE) gave me the beautiful satchel white bag that I feel is perfect for this season. I am getting obsessed with capes, I think capes are going to be my favorite item this fall/winter, also I'm falling on love with scarves, last years I used them because I have to, I didn't like them that much, but this time I am looking for them as an another accessory. How is your closet? Are you getting ready for fall/winter or (as in my city) summer still present?


Innovamoda 2012 | Fashion

4 nov. 2012

Pictures by Andrea Balcazar for Green's life diary.

After almost 8 years expecting an international fashion event in my city, thanks to Tijuana Innovadora, Tijuana had the opportunity to present an high class-fashion event, full of beautiful international models, amazing hair and make up crew and 4 mexican fashion designers. Two of them have already an international name: Ximena Valero and Luis Verdad, and the two promises: Daniela Villa, and the runner up from Elle Mexico Diseña 2012 Emedel García which I have to say it's amazing.
More than a thousand persons were part of the first international event produced in Tijuana, with beautiful lights and music, Innovamoda presented an event full of glamour and fashion. Elle Mexico, Vitamin Water, Heineken and L.A. Cetto helped to make Innovamoda an amazing event. Being part of an event like this really helped me to grow up as a person and in some professional way. Of course I am in total love of this event and I can't find 'bad stuff' about it. I didn't have time to actually watch the show so my opinion about the outfits, the hair and make up and about the show is really vain.

The looks I posted are my favorites from every designer, and I have to admit I fell in love of the accessories from Daniela Villa, it is a new SD's brand: ZIUR Designs. I really attempted to make a post about each designer, but then I realized I didn't even pay enough attention to the music, the style or the atmosphere in each runway... Hopefully I will learn how to work-and-blog at the same time because I'm sure I'll be doing this alot!

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Playlist | 011112

1 nov. 2012

My latest obsession is FUN, I love the way they make me feel in the 80's. The Remix of Paradise is another reminder from Cancun, and the last song I really really want to use it in some video project, I feel it is perfect for some Nasty Gal ad or something like that, so I'll find a store just to make them a lookbook video.