Green varsity | Outfit

30 nov. 2012

New top, old jacket, new boots. It was very funny when I was planning this outfit, I have this little box full of stuff I don't want and most of the time we sell it, this jacket was there since 6 months ago, honestly I can't remember why I put it in there but when I was looking for something to use this green top I went running to see if the jacket still there. Lucky my!
Trends are really tricky, I remember last year when I bought it I was quite obsessed. For 6 months varsity jackets were off the map and now they are all in.
I was really happy with this look, I think is quite urban but still chic. And I was mad with my self and the horrible nightlight saving time, I can't take the pictures because it gets dark very early and in the morning I am working. I am trying to have some extra-time at lunch so we can take the pictures.
What do you think about the look, do you like it?


Amazing outfit! <3