Autumn Leaves | Outfit

8 nov. 2012

It is official, autumn is here! Now I am more than sure that I love cold weathers, when I was at Cancun the weather was hot but ok, and I thought that I was accepting it, but NO! I love feeling my nose cold, I love to wear sweaters, capes, tights and boots. This is my official first autumn outfit. The weather is so lovely, you can use dresses without frizzing and sweaters without melting. This time I used this nude dress as a skirt, with my beloved color-block-cardigan and the cute purse NINETYONE gave me. I am starting to make this year's fall/winter closet, but with the time I've been learning how to buy clothes, what is important and how I can save a lot by purchasing the essentials and then the 'it' pieces that can make my closet timeless and trendy, honestly I have to thank 'FAKE-LEATHER' because I've learned a lot of her and her style. So this time I will only buy pieces that I can use a lot in different seasons, I am starting to get the 'Holidays feelings', starting with Thanksgivin' (My personal favorite) this have been a good year, let's close it as it deserves.

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