Blue riding hood | Outfit

15 nov. 2012

Not a lot going on here, I have a lot of homework that I left behind when I was at Tijuana Innovadora, plus I have a lot of things from school because is the end of the semester so finals are here so I will be a little off. Besides that I am working a lot to get more experience and equipment for the photo shoots.
As I say on my latest post I am getting obsessed with capes, this is my favorite one and I've been using it since I bought it, same old skirt, new bag and a new scarf. I am in the middle of a closet-crisis, I literally don't have more than 20 pieces of clothes, so I am saving money to go on the biggest shopping spree in my life on black friday. I am getting so excited about this holiday season! I can feel it already, we are less than a week far from thanksgiving! (My favorite holiday).

If you follow Green's Life Diary on Facebook you already know this, but if you don't well here it is for you! I have an special offer: 25% off in photo shoots! So, if you want one just send me a message to see what we can do!

Also I want to show you guys this amazing mexican page that I found recently: Dscuento México as the name says, in this page you can find a lot of web discounts on mexican stores. From free shipping to 50% off in selected items. You will love it! Go and check out their web or facebook page and fall in love with their offers, just like I did!