Innovamoda 2012 | Fashion

4 nov. 2012

Pictures by Andrea Balcazar for Green's life diary.

After almost 8 years expecting an international fashion event in my city, thanks to Tijuana Innovadora, Tijuana had the opportunity to present an high class-fashion event, full of beautiful international models, amazing hair and make up crew and 4 mexican fashion designers. Two of them have already an international name: Ximena Valero and Luis Verdad, and the two promises: Daniela Villa, and the runner up from Elle Mexico Diseña 2012 Emedel García which I have to say it's amazing.
More than a thousand persons were part of the first international event produced in Tijuana, with beautiful lights and music, Innovamoda presented an event full of glamour and fashion. Elle Mexico, Vitamin Water, Heineken and L.A. Cetto helped to make Innovamoda an amazing event. Being part of an event like this really helped me to grow up as a person and in some professional way. Of course I am in total love of this event and I can't find 'bad stuff' about it. I didn't have time to actually watch the show so my opinion about the outfits, the hair and make up and about the show is really vain.

The looks I posted are my favorites from every designer, and I have to admit I fell in love of the accessories from Daniela Villa, it is a new SD's brand: ZIUR Designs. I really attempted to make a post about each designer, but then I realized I didn't even pay enough attention to the music, the style or the atmosphere in each runway... Hopefully I will learn how to work-and-blog at the same time because I'm sure I'll be doing this alot!

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