Catwalk 2012 | Diary + Outfit

19 nov. 2012

I am very proud to say that this year have been very good with me. This time I had the opportunity to help in one of my favorite events in my city: Catwalk Tijuana. I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the staff as a backstage assistant, it was really good. What I loved the most, was that people who I admire recognized me from Innovamoda (I feel like a little girl), they actually know who I am, what I do and what I like, so that's pretty much one of the best feelings of the year. The event wasn't as crazy as Innovamoda, but of course we always do our best and at some point we started running, screaming and panicked. I couldn't take "in the making" pictures, because, well I was busy, so I took some from others instagrams.

The outfit was very confortable, quite girly and a little bit chic (because of the beautiful trench coat) I used for the very first time my ASOS skirt, and I have to say, I didn't love it. And last but not least, my amazing gold and beige pumps that, I have to admit, are the most confortable pair of shoes in my closet, so I was able to run like Forrest Gump all the time. Well, here is other to add to the list <3 More to come, please!

And because I was working, I send my beautiful reporter: Andrea Balcazar, to cover the event, so don't worry, we are going to have our usual post with pictures, critics and lots of love.


Just Perfect!